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31, 2020

2 min read

Disclosure: Our goal is to offer products and services that we find interesting and useful. When you buy them, Entrepreneur can receive a small portion of the revenue from sales from our trading partners.

Efficiency is everything in business, especially in these tough economic times. Whether or not the bottom line of your business is significantly affected by the pandemic, it is important to always look for ways to improve and capitalize on opportunities. This is why business analysis is so important. In the four-course Better Business Analyst Bundle, you will learn some of the key skills business analysts need to have and some of the key technologies that business analysts use to gain insights.

These four courses focus on both business analysis and business intelligence. At the beginning you will learn what makes business analysts so valuable for companies and why they act as researchers, detectives, consultants, moderators and much more. You will discover how business analysis skills can be effectively applied to a variety of roles and develop foundational knowledge to help you expand your skills.

Then, you'll dive into one of the most important tools business analysts use: Microsoft Power Business Intelligence. Power BI empowers everyday Excel users to become business analysts with professional reports and powerful tools that allow you to mix raw data and turn it into actionable visualizations. You will learn about the same tools and techniques used by professional analysts and data scientists. From connecting to different types of files, folders, and data, to setting up data queries, to converting data into usable formats, learn how to use Power BI effectively. You will practice data modeling and creating calculated columns and metrics using DAX, and explore data visualization with charts, trend lines, slicer maps, and more.

Learn the tools that the professionals use to generate valuable business insights. Right now, the Better Business Analyst Bundle is available for just $ 39.99.

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