Pros and Cons of using custom essay writing service

Every student needs some writing assistance from time to time. Education comes with plenty of obligations and tasks and it is clear why seeking for professional help in writing is such a common thing. Sure, using writing services for your assignments can be a bit unethical, but asking for some help is definitely not a crime.

There are many discussions and contradictions regarding whether students should use custom essay writing services or not. This is why we have decided to point out to the advantages and disadvantages of these types of services.

Pros of Using Custom Essay Writing Services

It is time saving

The numerous tasks students get can be overwhelming and exhausting. There is a time in any student’s life where they simply cannot find the time to sit down and relax or spend some valuable time with friends and family.

Choosing a writing service that will take some of the excessive burden off your hands can be quite helpful. When you give your task to a writer, you can freely go out and enjoy the rest of your day or spend your time on something else you find interesting. This can save you days and hours of writing and research.

There are many writing services available

Even if you are in immediate need of a writing service, chances are you will find one very easily. All you have to do is make a very quick search that will result in many choices for such services. But of course, not every company out there is reliable and good like ours.

Reduced Anxiety

Having tasks over your head most of the time can be exhausting and we all know this can lead to anxiety. Even when you are not writing your essay, you are thinking of doing so or planning your day according to the time you need to spend writing the essay.
Hiring a writing service to craft your essay can be good for lowering your stress. When you do this, you no longer need to sit and worry about the assignment because someone is taking care of it.

Good Grade Guarantee

Every writing service out there knows its competition and wants to do best, so they will all try to provide you with the best possible content. This is a plus when picking writing services, but reliable ones. There are still those services that are simply not qualified enough to do this.
We are one of those who can and will provide you with good content and help you reduce your anxiety.

Writing services are affordable

Taking in consideration the effort that needs to be put in an essay, these services are affordable. If you manage to find a good service for an affordable price (and you have), you will wonder why you’ve been struggling with content so hard since now. Of course, the prices always vary according to your deadline, but with quality service, every penny is worth spending.

Cons of Using Custom Essay Writing Services

You are breaking your school’s honor code

The majority of schools out there have strict rules when it comes to using such services for your tasks. This could lead to getting no credit for your essay or even worse. There are cases where schools found out students were using writing services and expelled them. Therefore, you need someone like New Papers to guarantee you privacy with your orders. If you decide to choose us as your content providers, this will no longer be in your list of cons.

They may provide you with plagiarized work

Nowadays, technology has increased to such level that professors are becoming better and better at catching cheaters. There is advanced software schools use to compare the delivered assignment with other content and check if it is plagiarized.

There are many content writing services that will use databases in writing your papers. They may copy content from other sources without referencing them and deliver the content to you. After you have paid for their services and delivered the essay to your professor, there is no turning back.
We guarantee 100% original content, so feel free to erase this from the cons list too.

Bad Paper

Essay writing services are businesses and there are always bad and good businesses. There are those kinds that want to make money and take on too many assignments that they cannot spend sufficient time on. Also, there are plenty writing services that have hired bad writers solely because they work for lower salaries. Whatever the case is, you will receive bad content and still have to pay the price. What is left for you is less money and an essay to rewrite or write all over again.

Luckily, all the writers at New Papers are extremely qualified and experienced. We take on as many clients as we can serve, nothing more than that. In this way, we make sure that everyone who asks for our assistance gets content of highest quality possible.


When the search results appear on your monitor, you will see thousands of writing services options. However, not only there are unreliable ones and ones who provide you with bad content, but there are also many frauds that will take your money and give you nothing in return.

The best way to check if a company is valid is check for feedback from their clients.
We have determined that with a reliable writing service, there is no such thing as a disadvantage. If you pick a good writing service that can provide you with quality, affordable price, privacy and originality, there is simply nothing you can find against hiring custom essay writing services. So what are you waiting for?