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Promote ​​contingency planning with optimism

Simon Huck, CEO and founder of emergency prep kit company Judy, explains how badly most people are prepared for a disaster.

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19, 2020

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The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

Simon Huck is the CEO and founder of Judy, who sells emergency kits, and the main owner of the Command Entertainment Group PR company. Huck talks to #ThePlaybook moderator David Meltzer about emergency preparedness, including the negative perception of emergencies and how planning is more important than deliveries.

Huck talks about his professional background in public relations and entertainment marketing and how he got involved in a mission-oriented work. He talks about Judy's origins as a further development of his attempt to develop better shelf-stable foods and his discovery of a market for family emergency care kits.

According to Huck, 60 percent of American families have no emergency care. He says that Judy's mission is to include emergency preparedness in households, using the kits as a starting point for discussions about emergency planning.

Huck talks about the company's optimistic messaging, the challenges, misunderstandings about emergency planning, and how COVID-19 affects traditional emergency preparedness plans with the prospect of "double disasters" – for example, the social distance in emergency shelters for victims of a hurricane .

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