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Problem 2021: How can I enhance the bodily and psychological well-being of my staff?

85% of Mexican organizations do not have sufficient conditions for their employees to find a balance between their personal and professional lives.

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10, 2021

5 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

By: Lucas Melman, CEO of Gympass México

"Health" is probably the main desire, interest and engine of both personal and corporate agendas in 2021. In an environment as challenging as last year, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the new tools and platforms that those already established are using Regulations can be followed as NOM 35 as well as the recently approved reform to regulate teleworking.

One of the concerns we hear the most in Human Resources at Gympass is team support, especially because 85% of Mexican organizations do not have decent conditions for their employees, according to a study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) To have balance between their personal and professional life causing physical and mental disorders.

One of the elements businesses can rely on is precisely the technology: bringing together built-in platforms where employees can find tools to help them achieve that exact balance: from groceries to adopting or deepening a healthier lifestyle to exercise options or meditation practices to improve the quality of the day to day.

Let's also assume that, according to the Gartner consulting firm, 41% of employees would be willing to continue the home office program because prior to the pandemic, only 30% worked remotely from time to time and the circumstances themselves are favorable forever more people to join this way of working.


We know how challenging the year is, so I'd like to share five things you can do to help address the worries' concerns in early 2021.

Discover flexible systems: Teams likely have different needs to achieve their goals. It is important to consider different approaches to designing guidelines that will allow teams to reap the benefits of remote working as much as possible and appropriately achieve their goals. Remember, flexibility goes a long way in building support networks and value relationships that benefit everyone. See wellness as an integrated concept. One of the most important realizations that 2020 left us is that physical well-being is just as important as emotional well-being, due to the impact it has on social skills, as well as the ease with which to focus, empathize, generate ideas and work in a team. According to a study by Gympass at the regional level, 77% of the surveyed users emphasized the importance of companies that offer wellness solutions. However, only 34% of companies had an approach that included the emotional rather than just the physical. Builds Resilience: It is no coincidence that companies use idioms and images associated with the sports world: "Keep your eyes on the target" or "Achieving market positioning is not a short race, it is a marathon". Physical activity is a great teacher, so we improve our communication skills, both individually and from building teams where we know our strengths. This experience can be used positively by managers as well as by the companies themselves. It promotes collaborative environments: Collaborative work is an essential part of all processes. In this new context, teams can be affected by the geographic barriers of remote and distributed work. However, setting common challenges through physical activity or wellbeing on an integrated platform can be a catalyst that leads to strong conversations that allow them to stay creative, innovative, and close. Don't forget about self-care. Human Resources was one of the areas that saw the greatest wear and tear in 2020. It is also important that those responsible for the optimal functioning of the teams are included in the physical and emotional care agenda, with exercise routines and monitoring of activities in either meditation, yoga and these applications for better quality sleep. Satisfied employees are not only a synonym for healthy people, but also for productivity, loyalty to the company and aspects that offer a healthier working environment.

Companies are one of the productive engines of any economy. You can't forget that they are made up of people who combine their efforts, talents, discipline, and interests to achieve a common goal. To the extent that the approaches are more comprehensive and measures are taken to care for the teams physically and emotionally, this will have a positive effect and allow the development of opportunities and capacities to increase wellbeing, thereby creating virtuous circles in the new dynamics of the labor market .

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