Private Finance Every day: Almost 90 cruise traces report coronavirus instances and residential value progress is slowing

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"Petri dishes from COVID": CDC urged to pause cruises as nearly 90 ships report coronavirus cases

At least half a dozen cruise lines have changed due to coronavirus outbreaks. Continue reading

"Every society creates its own pathology": Mayo Clinic's vaccine specialist says the CDC should not be blamed for reducing COVID-19 isolation times

“What to do if there are no or too few nurses working in the health care system? Something is better than nothing, "says Dr. Gregory Poland from Mayo Clinic. Continue reading

“Buyers Get Creative”: Home price growth is slowing, but buyers cannot take a break

A nationwide measure of home prices saw the fourth largest increase on record in October, despite being down from months ago. Continue reading

This city in the sun belt has seen the largest decline in housing affordability in the United States in the past year

Affordability across the country has plummeted to its lowest level since 2008 amid rising interest rates and house prices. Continue reading

7 Strategies To Maximize Tax-Free Income

From 529 account withdrawals to small business stock gains, tax-free income opportunities are widespread. Continue reading

This is how you strengthen your finances so that you are prepared for the next natural disaster

Anything you can do now to improve your situation could help limit the toll. Continue reading

The 9 things most likely to affect your auto insurance rates

Knowing a little more about how your premium is calculated can help you find ways to cut your costs. Continue reading

My wife and I saved $ 775,000 for retirement and will be paying off our mortgage in six years. Would it be a mistake to move to California?

“We had the plan to pay off our current house in six to seven years. But with this change, that plan is out of the window. ”Read more

I have a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. My best friend is not talking to me. Don't I have the right to make these decisions myself?

"I'm sick of the government telling me what to do and I'm fed up with Omicron."

Ring in the new year with N95 masks: "A simple single-layer fabric mask does not offer nearly sufficient protection"

A cloth mask is better than no mask, but N95, KN95, and KF94 masks provide better protection against omicrons, experts say Read more

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