: Pentagon high official Anthony Tata reportedly examined optimistic for coronavirus

The Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Anthony Tata, a retired Army general recently named Pentagon Best Official, tested positive for the coronavirus Thursday night, according to Bloomberg News.

Tata has been the Under-Secretary of State for Defense since last week after Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and his top advisors were ousted by President Donald Trump for alleged infidelity.

Bloomberg reported that Tata and other Defense Department officials were tested Thursday after the Lithuanian Defense Minister, who recently visited the Pentagon, tested positive for COVID-19 after his trip.

Bloomberg said only Tata tested positive and then left the building. Tata was reportedly in a meeting earlier this week with Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist, Chief Executive Officer Mark Milley, and others.

A Pentagon spokesman told Bloomberg that Miller and other top officials would not be quarantined. Miller reportedly visited troops in Fort Bragg, NC, and toured the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford on Wednesday. This is in stark contrast to how Milley and other senior military officials acted in October when some senior brass players faced each other after possible exposure Quarantined coronaviruses.

Earlier this year, Tata, a Trump loyalist, withdrew his name from a nomination for the post after significant Senate opposition labeled him unqualified and overly partisan. Tata has made publicly abusive remarks about Islam, once calling President Barack Obama a "terrorist leader".

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