: Pelosi asks Democrats to contact Republicans about infrastructure

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said she wanted key Democrats dealing with infrastructure issues in Congress to consult Republicans to work out a large public works package.

"Our recovery plan needs to get better for the people in every zip code by creating well-paying jobs for the future," she said in a statement released late Friday afternoon.

"To that end, I have asked the chairs of the jurisdiction committees to work with their Republican counterparts to create a great, bold, and transformative infrastructure package," she said.

Republicans have accused Democrats of hypocrisy, saying President Joe Biden spoke non-partisanly in his inaugural address, while Democrats frozen Republicans from writing the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan that Biden signed Thursday.

Whether Democrats will take the same approach – pass a budget that allows for later spin-off laws that the Senate could only pass with democratic votes – with infrastructure
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How they did it with the incentive is unclear, but Republicans have warned against going it alone.

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The Pelosi statement on Friday made no mention of how infrastructure legislation would work, but it did indicate that environmental issues should be addressed. An idea that some Republicans have deemed unnecessary.

“The structure of our transport system has long been non-partisan. We hope the Spirit will prevail as we address other critical needs in energy and broadband, education and housing, water systems, and other priorities. As we engage in these job creation initiatives, we need to discuss their implications for the federal budget, for creating economic growth and for the preservation of our planet, ”Pelosi said.

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