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Out-of-the-box promoting methods that generate heady information

These unique and creative opportunities get the right media exposure.

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31, 2021

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Are you starting a new company or would you like to expand an existing one? If so, then it helps to learn how to work with traditional media and online presses to maximize coverage. While there are practical foundations in public relations strategy, one of the best ways to get a brand noticed is to think outside the box.

Why is Advertising Helpful for Small Businesses?

PR strategies can of course help generate attention. In addition to increasing brand awareness and the ability to reach a specific audience, it can help increase sales and improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO) performance. The best part is that advertising is usually free – part of what makes it so incredibly helpful, especially for those on limited marketing budgets.

What advertising opportunities should companies look out for?

One-on-one PR is a great way to build trust and credibility with the media. If you can be featured in a magazine, newspaper, or on a media website, these are important ways to share a brand story and its unique message. It also helps differentiate you from your competitors. The next best option is to be quoted in an article or story. While not as prominent as a feature profile, it's still a valuable way to get known and can lead to more and greater opportunities with one release, especially if you had a helpful contribution.

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The process begins by contacting editors and other journalists. Use tools like Google Alerts to find those who might be interested in your story, but make sure the areas you choose cover your company's area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise / niche. Pitch reporters who work on publications that serve your ideal customer base. For example, if you own a beauty brand, magazines like Allure and NewBeauty are good options. This will help you reach a beauty-loving audience who are more likely to be interested in buying your products.

Out-of-the-box PR strategies

Basically, anything you can do to help yourself stand out from the media will help. Here is a real-life example of a novel strategy that my parents used. Since they own a company (Dandy Productions) that revolves around a range of patriotic child characters (including their registered trademark Yankee Doodle Dandy) when I was born on July 4th (by chance), they gave all newborns US savings bonds on that one Born day in the same local hospital. This resulted in a topical Independence Day story on the front page of the local newspaper, which gained them positive attention and recognition.

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Another creative tip could be to host a company sponsored event or competition that is fun and different. For example, if you own a grocery brand, consider doing a promotional photo shoot where models are dressed up as master chefs and photographed with your food products, or hosting a promotional product tasting event where people can try the food to ask for promotional questions to answer about your company.

All of this is not just about promoting it, it's about generating the kind that will be beneficial to your particular type of business – that will be an engine for selling and attracting new customers.

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