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Obtain enterprise wellness in 2021

5, 2021

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While it is true that the pandemic has cut opportunities for many, it must be recognized that it has also given them the opportunity to do things differently and learn to greatly appreciate the most important asset any company has: its people .

We must never forget that a company is due to the effort, work and talent of those who make it possible for the various processes of the organization to become a reality.

Seeking employee welfare was an expectation for many. Companies today recognize that this is a "duty" as creating structures that promote employee happiness and wellbeing brings infinite benefits to any company.

If a company maintains its strengths and never stops implementing best practices to achieve the happiness and wellbeing of its employees, it will instill trust, positive emotion, and commitment in them. Let us remember the heliotropic effect of Kim Cameron, where he clearly explains that all living beings naturally tend to go to the light, to a positive energy; and away from the dark, negative energy.

What people need in order to thrive is precisely that light, which is the main ingredient any business needs to successfully grow, to keep their garden of beautiful live flowers.

But it is not just that the profiles of the employees also have an influence on the environment or the climate at work. We have to make sure that they have established values ​​such as empathy, compassion, honesty, tolerance and loyalty. These soft skills form an organization that alone helps humanity without planning.

In this life we ​​have heard the phrase "you must lead by example" many times and it is true! When an organization has leaders who generate optimism, positive emotions, and ideas in their work team that they contribute and cannot fulfill, they will have greater success in their task or assignment.

It has been shown that optimism leads to more learning and achievement. The reason is if you believe or think you will do well, you will try harder.

At Duke University, some economists have shown that optimistic people work longer, are more persistent, and end up making more money.

It must be clear that it is the responsibility of all organizational leaders to take care of the psychosocial component of the behavior of the individuals that make it up, as organizational well-being is directly related to economic outcomes, conflict management and customer satisfaction and achieving organizational efficiency.

Organizational wellbeing

A company that demonstrates organizational wellbeing has significant competitive advantages, for example:

+ 300% innovation -44% diseases

+ 44% sales -51% sales

+ 31% productivity -125% burnout

+ 37% deductible

But not only that, a healthy and harmonious work environment enables business processes to run, goals to be achieved in the shortest possible time and in the best way, the reputation of the company is enhanced, because if the employee feels interested in the same, he will spread that with his relatives.

In order to achieve organizational success, an organizational wellness and happiness strategy must be implemented that helps align the company with strategic goals and personnel initiatives. Let us remember that wellbeing is a personal and collective responsibility for the continuous improvement of organizations.

Increase the happiness of organizations

For more than five years, LIVE 13.5 ° has offered various organizations advice based on a complete and humane methodology. This strives for a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial balance in people, which contributes to the creation of happy and productive organizations.

Large transnational companies such as Coca Cola Femsa, Natura, Danone, Starbucks, Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors, UPS, Cirsa, Santander, Chopo, Unicef, MetLife, Expansión, Kuehne + Nagel and many others have participated in the experiences and certifications that LIVE 13.5 offers ° as a consultancy for happiness and personnel, training and integration events to create happier, more productive, healthier and more positive work teams.

It is time to listen and carefully observe the context in which we live from all its angles. Don't you think that it screams us to be better people and to do something for society itself?

It is necessary to get the year off to a good start, be more sensitive to what surrounds us, identify the observable behaviors that lead to positive outcomes, and implement best practices.

Let us find, work and promote the well-being of our second home, work.

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