NewsWatch: That is Vanguard's strongest anti-inflation asset class


The quantitative analyst for index fund manager Vanguard found the strongest asset classes for fighting inflation. See full story.

Americans create their own vaccination mandates by severing ties with the unvaccinated

At least 30% of Millennials or Generation Z in the US say they cut ties with a friend, family member, or acquaintance because they would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. See full story.

SNAP benefits will rise to an all-time high – that's how much more the average family gets every month

Most households receiving Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits have at least one working adult. See full story.

Largest social security COLA in the coming years, but it could be bigger

Social security calculations could cost recipients hundreds of dollars a year. See the full story.

Welcome to MemeMarkets, your guide to the world of "Stonks"

A YouTube channel about meme stocks?
A YouTube channel about meme stocks. See full story.


Housing, food, energy bills and new cars fueled inflation last month. See full story.

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