NewsWatch: Reflation nation? This time, the tailwind after the disaster is favoring the banks and the economic system


Banks spent most of the post-financial crisis cycle getting nowhere. This could be your moment after the crisis. See full story.

Biden plans to hand out the COVID-19 vaccine doses immediately

President-elect Joe Biden plans to hand out the available doses of the COVID-19 vaccines when he takes office. This is the latest suggestion from government officials in the US and abroad trying to speed up the adoption of slow and complicated vaccinations. See full story.

Tesla stock approaches $ 900 in its longest earnings streak when another analyst leaves bear camp

Tesla Inc. stock vies for $ 900 in its longest earnings to date. See full story.

This fund manager says Amazon and other big tech companies will make big bucks for investors in the years to come

T. Rowe Price's Scott Berg was successful following a strategy of “sustained quality growth”. See full story.

Bitcoin's parabolic rise in price near $ 42,000 could be the "mother of all bubbles."

BofA Global Research raises the question in its weekly report "The Flow Show" on January 7th whether the price movement of Bitcoin is the "mother of all bubbles". See full story.


Salespeople are increasingly hesitant about whether this is a good time to sell, which could affect home sales in the coming month, according to a new report. See full story.

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