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Modern on-line finance methods for the final inhabitants

The future of financial learning is online and focused on digital classrooms.

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7, 2020

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Financial literacy has traditionally been a privilege reserved almost exclusively for a select few. Those who wanted to learn how forex, investment, stocks, and bonds work had to go to college to not only get a bachelor's degree, but also a master's degree, which was deemed necessary for competitive advantage. With the advent of quarantined education and modern technology, financial literacy is now available to the public from the comfort of their homes.

The trend of putting schools online due to Covid has led to an increase in online educational institutions. The IM Mastery Academy, a platform designed to inspire people and put power back in their hands, is an example of this new trend of working and learning from home. However, this is not an academy like any other. This offers extensive knowledge of forex, digital currency and e-commerce markets. This online academy, founded in 2013, was at the forefront of trends and planned the future of digital classrooms. That distant future is now fully a reality with the rise of Bitcoin and the growing interest of traditional investors and financial institutions in cryptocurrencies. For example, I previously wrote that PayPal users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies – namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash – in their PayPal accounts. With the rise in cryptocurrency trends and tools, the demand for education in the community will be equally high.

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A one-stop shop for financial education

Founded by entrepreneur Chris Terry, IM Mastery Academy disrupted the world of financial learning by offering top-level knowledge at a fraction of the cost of getting a high-end university degree. “I wanted to give people a real platform where they could get expert knowledge from the best in the business. So I thought: what if I created a platform that brings together all the best resources and experts under one roof? Terry remembered in an interview with me.

The demand for financial learning is stronger than ever. The IM Mastery Academy currently has over 400,000 students enrolled and that number continues to grow. The platform has managed to become the world's leading educational resource for digital commerce. Terry credits his success to the relentless pursuit of innovation. “I knew e-commerce would be big and more and more companies were switching online. For this reason, we are publishing an e-commerce academy at our digital convention in November 2020. This platform is also expected to lead the industry, ”he told me.

Learn together while apart

A non-negotiable requirement for a successful learning platform is the contribution of expert knowledge from the industry giants. Online academies are useful during times like these as they no longer have to travel to in-person courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops. "We currently have over 200 unique experts bringing strategy and mentoring to the table," said Terry. "We meet online through software similar to Zoom that we developed for our clients. The demand for online learning is really growing right now and we've just invested $ 3 million in our technology to prepare for the future .

Exclusive access to financial experts has proven to be groundbreaking for many people who have long wanted to take responsibility for their economic well-being. Online academies need to develop their own tools to improve learning and management, which drives the company to success even faster. In 2020 and beyond, the need for online education will skyrocket – and that has some positive effects. The more demand there is for online courses, the more innovative software companies become and the more diverse tools and programs become. Online courses become a breeze and require little to no equipment other than smartphones and laptops. Resources are also widespread, as is access to bright minds. Whereas in the past thousands of kilometers had to be flown to trade fairs and conferences, connections can now be made with just a few simple clicks.

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Social media is also a powerful tool for financial learning as people can reach out to their favorite trainers and entrepreneurs and ask a question on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. As business owners and speakers strive to gain notoriety and build a brand, they often host live chats where they share financial knowledge with anyone, regardless of their location in the world.

Dissolve complex financial jargon

People think that financial learning is complicated because of its inherent technical jargon. It is difficult for the average person to understand terminology that seemed reserved for Wall Street bankers. Modern financial education institutions must ensure that such gatekeepers are no longer needed, which leads to a realignment of the power base on the individual investor. "We've made all of the material digestible and easy for the average person to understand. First and foremost, the way to learn and keep new things is to understand them. Our courses don't have those complicated terms that upset people "Said Terry.

Getting started in bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is not easy. With the increasing trend of bitcoin, everyone is looking for new ways to generate passive income. The advantage of online educational institutions is that you can learn anywhere in the world. Raising awareness and education about the very risky instruments associated with such financial services and platforms is vital. Greater financial inclusion from below will ultimately lead to equal opportunities for all. What is really going to change the world is giving people the right tools and teaching them how to use them.

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