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Learn how to get media protection on your firm

In this video, the entrepreneur's editor-in-chief Jason Feifer shows strategies for press coverage.

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29, 2019

4 min read

Every entrepreneur wants the press, but few know how to reach out to a reporter and shape their story in a way that gets attention. In this video, the entrepreneur's editor-in-chief Jason Feifer delves into his career – and his inbox! – Provide a useful and insightful guide to what journalists think, what they are looking for and how to develop a press strategy that really works.

Here are three key takeaways from the discussion:

1. Understand who you are contacting

You don't pitch a consumer without understanding their needs, and you don't pitch an investor without studying what they're looking for. The same must apply to journalists. To properly connect with them, you need to understand what motivates them. And here's the main answer: a journalist's job is to serve his readers (or listeners or viewers) so that they are always looking for stories and insights that add value to that audience.

What's the best way to get their attention? Study their work! Read a publication carefully and consider how it tells stories, what information it provides, and how it speaks to its audience. This gives you a lot of insight into the best way to put your story together. If you can style your story to meet the needs of a publication, you increase your chances of success.

2. Be strategic with your reach

Before contacting the media, ask yourself: What do I need the press for? You should have a good answer to that. You may need the press to raise awareness of a new product or raise your profile before reaching out to investors. These are all good reasons.

What are bad reasons? Some entrepreneurs follow the press because they feel they should, or because they deserve the attention, or because they have always featured in Entrepreneur (or some other publication). If you think so, stop looking for the press and spend your time wiser! The press is a tool just like collecting money. You should only pursue it when there is a clear need. Otherwise you are wasting your time – and entrepreneurs have no time to lose.

3. When hiring a publicist, choose wisely

You don't need a publicist; It is possible to get press yourself. But a publicist can certainly save you a lot of time and trouble. Their job is to help you tell your story and get in touch with journalists who may be interested in you. However, you have no control over whether you actually receive coverage. The best they can do is make connections and position you for success. If a publicist guarantees you coverage in the press, don't hire them. You probably have no good plans.

When it comes to hiring a publicist, the following are the most important things: some publicists are great, but many are terrible at their jobs. The difference is that great publicists build relationships and terrible ones just send a ton of email. How can you tell them apart Do your homework! Get a detailed proposal from a publicist, speak to their existing and former clients, and see if they have any experience with the industry in which you work. They want to understand how this person works, who they have close relationships with, and whether they will really understand you and your story.

There is a lot more – just check out the video above! Sign up for Jason Feifer's newsletter for more entrepreneurship tips.

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