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Jeff Bezos is keen to pay $ 2 billion in charges for the NASA program

The newly formed space explorer is ready to take on $ 2 billion in fees for NASA's Human Landing System program.

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2, 2021

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Newly appointed space explorer Jeff Bezos is willing to pay $ 2 billion in fees for NASA's Human Landing System program.

In an open letter to HLS Administrator Bill Nelson last week, Amazon founder said of his aerospace company: “Blue Origin will fill the HLS budget funding gap by foregoing all payments up to 2 billion this year and over the next two years The program is now back on track. "

Calling for NASA's decision to put Elon Musk's SpaceX under a $ 2.89 billion contract to work on developing the first commercial human lander to take the next two American astronauts to the moon, he said that "Instead of investing in two competing lunar landers as originally intended, the" agency has decided to give SpaceX a multi-billion dollar head start. This decision broke the shape of NASA's successful commercial space programs by putting an end to significant competition for years to come. "

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He encouraged the agency to consider the benefits of competition from both billionaire companies, suggesting that competition would prevent both of them from "having an insurmountable influence on NASA."

The goal of getting the Americans back to the surface of the moon, the letter says, is that they "stay" this time.

After launching a Blue Origin rocket into space last month, Bezos insisted that he was not in competition with Richard Branson, who had also launched a few days earlier.

During a meeting with Gayle King, which aired on CBS This Morning after his flight, Bezos flatly denied that he and the founder of the Virgin Group were up against each other.

"It's not a competition," he said at the time, noting that there will be many other companies that will take part in the space race. His Blue Origin and Branson's Virgin Galactic both have plans to send ticket holders into space in the future, and Bezos doesn't think they'll be alone to satisfy wealthy passengers' interest in space flight.

He and Musk's interest in the moon as a destination proves that there will be a number of companies that will be involved in space travel.

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