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In accordance with Unreasonable Mexico, these are the four most modern corporations in Aguascalientes

Electric motorcycles, dentures, sterilization of areas and a smart bracelet are the projects of these four entrepreneurs.

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15, 2020

3 min read

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In the current call, MetaChallenge received 124 projects from 10 out of 11 municipalities, in which 55% male entrepreneurs and 45% women participated. E-Balam, Dents & # 39; Ani, Altercare and Ozvi are the four projects selected in this issue.

In collaboration with the Aguascalientes Secretariat for Economic Development, Unreasonable Mexico has selected the four entrepreneurs for MetaChallenge, an initiative in which Unreasonable Mexico, together with the state government, celebrates and promotes the hydro-warm company.

In the current call, the initiative received 124 projects from 10 out of 11 municipalities, in which 55% male entrepreneurs and 45% women took part. E-Balam, Dents & # 39; Ani, Altercare and Ozvi are the four projects selected in this issue.

E-Balam, a winning project in the Ideas category, focuses on developing a solution for sustainable individual mobility through the development of electric motorcycles with a new high-performance technology.

Dents & # 39; Ani, winner of the Early Stage category, is a project focused on the manufacture and development of biodegradable dentures using the avocado pit as a fundamental element.

“The edition of this metal challenge was unsurpassed. Our jury was unable to determine a second final winner for the early stage category so there was a tie and Sedec decided to contribute 100,000 pesos more and give every second place 50,000 pesos to promote their project as well. Actions like this show us how important entrepreneurship is for the state, ”commented Raúl de Anda, co-founder of Unreasonable México.

Ozvi, the intelligent device for generating ozone and UV light that can sterilize areas and eliminate viruses and bacteria for 99.9% including COVID-19, was selected. Similarly, Alter Care was selected, the smart bracelet for older adults that can detect falls and that notifies three user-defined contacts via SMS and phone call with the location. had received pitching and fundraising training on Nov. 28 and presented their ideas and projects to a Shark Tank-style panel of experts. This body consisted of Manuel Alejandro González, Secretary for Economic Development; Marcus Dantus, founder and CEO of Startup México, investor in Shark Tank México; Raúl de Anda, co-founder of Unreasonable México; Ruth Guzmán, General Director of the Aguascalentense Youth Institute and Conchita Miranda, General Director of Miraplastek.

Now the four selected entrepreneurs are entitled to a cash prize of 200,000 pesos and the incubation in the Unreasonable Laboratories of Unreasonable Mexico worth 200,000 pesos.

The four entrepreneurs have participated in one of two categories since the call: Idea category: In which they have a great idea that has not yet come true. Early stage category: in which they are developing their product or service but have no sales yet or in which they have already had sales and know their market.

"We are delighted to be working with Unreasonable Mexico to help people with projects or ideas that have the potential to solve the state's most pressing problems and make a positive change in history," added Manuel Alejandro González, Minister for Economic Development Aguascalientes, added.

“This challenge is a turning point for the growth of entrepreneurship in Aguascalientes. The innovation and technology with which these entrepreneurs are solving the state's most pressing social and environmental problems deserves support. We have made great discoveries that fill us with satisfaction, ”concluded Raúl de Anda, co-founder of Unreasonable México.

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