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If you happen to miss journey, highway journeys could be your key to safer summer time holidays

Pandemic first aid kit

According to Jeff Weinstein, a medic and medical operations supervisor at Global Rescue who provides travelers with a medical and emergency response service, you need seven things.

You probably already have three: masks, hand disinfectants and disinfectant wipes.

Wear isopropyl alcohol wipes and wipe your phone with it. Major smartphone manufacturers say they won't damage devices.

Bring some detergent to wash reusable masks overnight.

Fever is a symptom of Covid 19. So bring a travel thermometer with you to monitor your temperature.

Also think of a digital pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen content non-invasively. Any value below 94% is worrying, says Weinstein. Prices range and some are less than $ 30.

Planning ahead

29-year-old Danielle Desir always packs snacks and disposable towels and researches her destination in advance to find out about restrictions.

Source: Danielle Desir

29-year-old Danielle Desir, who lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, doesn't get anywhere without masks, hand sanitizers, and hand towels.

"We pack our own water and snacks," said Desir, who has a podcast about affordable travel and personal finance. "We are not always sure what will be available at the destination and we do not want to be rejected."

Be prepared for interference: Desir and her friend went hiking and found that the tower at the mountain top was closed. "The website didn't mention it," she said.

It is important to stay informed about the reopening phases of the place you are visiting.

"Make sure you contact the region's tourism office for information and to know what things will be open," said Desir. For example, some restaurants may only offer take-away options. Others may require reservations.

Flight risk

Clean the car

Perhaps more dangerous than sitting on a plane, says Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue, in a rental car or taxi.

When you rent, wipe and disinfect the surfaces. Open the windows and doors and give the car time to air out – five to ten minutes should be enough, Richards says. Your own vehicle is safe, he adds.

The active life

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