How We Make a Research

Writing research papers is one of the key assignments when studying at school, college or university. This article will tell about the process behind writing a research paper at our company.

Research can be started in several ways, as there are different sources of information to be analyzed in the first place, namely journal articles, Internet pages, encyclopedias, as well as books. We use only professional recourses in order to ensure that the material we take is credible and can be properly referenced. In addition, credible sources help to provide a solid insight into any given topic. We never base our research on a one or two sources, instead we use as many as possible to ensure that our research will fully explore a set topic.

We stick to the empirical research. When it is possible we try to locate peer-reviewed articles conducted in an empirical research. Empirical material suggests that articles were contributed by the experts in a particular field of interest or studies, whose works were previously analyzed and read by numerous experts in the given field of studies. Specifically, we can here on different scientific journals or use online researches to that end.

The use of search engines to find the required results is not the only method of conducting a research, it is also equally important to use critical thinking and carefully analysis of every source of information available. For that matter, it is necessary only to deal with legitimate sources, and therefore, it is better to avoid such as:

  • websites,
  • blogs,
  • forums.

Because they are not the best method of conducting a research. We do our best to make sure that a particular source of information is worth relying on. It is better to look for those sites that end with .edu, .org or .gov, since they involve information that is reliable for researching writers. This is so due to the fact that such websites are run by the government, schools and organizations who deal with a particular topic. We also contrast and compare different sources to find the most adequate information suiting the topic of research.

We also try to stick to academic databases. They are a particular type of search engines that help to find peer-reviewed and scientific journals along with books. Depending on the subject of your research, we will deal with a particular database. Thus, if we have to deliver a quality research paper in sociology and psychology, we will turn to PsycINFO that is full of works completed by authors in these two fields of knowledge. This approach to conducting researches makes it possible to obtain more specific results rather than with the help of general search engines.

We try to be creative with our research. Therefore, when we find a particular journal or a book we will look for more further sources by familiarizing with the reference list in it. In such a way we will locate more useful sources that are dedicated to a particular topic as well.

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After collecting all the necessary information for the research, we make notes in the materials. It is an essential element of any research, as it is important to take notes and find the most important facts and phrases because this significantly facilitates the writing process. We always try to consider every detail even if it is remotely significant or if it is possible to use it in the writing process. By highlighting major details in any given research, we provide our own commentary and notes and decide where it is to be used in the paper. Our writers also put down their ideas during the writing process, as this facilitates the process significantly and then decide how they can be implemented.

Our writers organize their notes properly, as this allows to save much time when locating information further in their research. Our best writers organize the information by gathering the highlighted phrases and ideas and grouping them into respective categories. Thus, when writing a paper and analyzing a piece of a literary work, our writers will organize their research by composing a list of notes on any given character.

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At this step we also compose an initial page of references. When working with the notes, it is a good idea to indicate an author, the page number, title as well as other publishing details that might come in handy.

After that, we specify the objectives of the paper. We normally distinguish between two types of a research paper, namely an augmentative one and an analytic one. Each of them asks for a different direction as well as a writing tone, which is necessary to specify before composing a rough draft.
Thus, an argumentative research paper can be devoted to a polemical issue and provide arguments in favor of a particular perspective. This problem should be discussed with the help of logical argumentation.

An analytic paper in turn provides a new insight into any given issue. Even though the subject here is likely to be controversial, our writers do their best to convince the audience that such new look has some merit. We don’t consider this to be a way to avoid some ideas from a particular research, instead we provide a set of unique insights.

Our writers do their best to find out who their audience is. We understand that writing papers that fit the requirements of professors and superiors to the full is an intimidating task for students who are constantly short of time, though, we can help with that. For that matter, we determine the tone of the paper and make sure that it reflects all the peculiarities of the target audience. Thus, when writing for the academic audience, the information presented in the paper should be properly organized in terms of a format and writing tone.

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A well-written research paper may address scientific, technical or social issues. In case you have never written a research paper that might be a problem for you, however, you can always count on us when it comes to research papers.