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How this founder by no means misplaced herself when she began a profitable firm

Heather Sanders built an authentic business despite the obstacles.

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1, 2020

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Women empowering women are more than a hashtag. It is a mission that I am to bring about change and make everyone believe that they have what it takes to follow their passions. We can help each other in so many ways. One is to support the other's dreams and to give support without expectation or attachment. The more you authentically connect with your fellow human beings and grow in your relationships, the more women will heal and change the world. So when I meet other women who do the same thing, I feel a sense of joy that needs to be shared. One of these beautiful women is Heather Sanders.

Heather Sanders is the founder of Sorella Boutique, a company that has grown from an online 10-product store to a store right on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. She has created a movement that encourages strong, working and independent women of all ages, colors and sizes to be confident and have a vision. With all the growth, what inspires me the most is that Sanders never stopped staying true to itself. In fact, her success is largely due to her staying herself. Success and authenticity can thrive together.

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As I connect with increasingly beautiful, strong, and talented women around the world, I see a lot of entrepreneurs who have trouble sticking to what they are in the process of starting a business. Please know who you are is the most powerful thing you can offer the world. During our interview, Heather told me that I am a strong black woman, successful, and built something from scratch in the city of Los Angeles. Heather talked about five powerful takeaways to build an authentic business that I can share with you.

1. Focus on your business, not your competitors

“Go further to the limits and make yourself original. It will drive you crazy, especially if you've invested your time and effort into something but get used to it – it means you're doing something right. As soon as you come across it, you find that you are now setting the bar. "

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2. Support others in their missions

"I come from a place where I didn't really know that it was even possible to make my dreams come true. If I can help the next generation understand that it is actually very possible, I want to do that. Share the tools and knowledge you have acquired. We are in a weird social era where people feel they share knowledge and help the next person to hinder their growth in any way. I say, share this information; there is enough success for everyone out there. "

3. Use your fears to improve yourself

"It's going to be hard, but whatever you do, don't give up. And don't be afraid to ask for help or constructive criticism. The goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible to grow. I'm not business I went to school so I was self-taught – everything I learned along the way was learned on my own and with the help of my team. It was a struggle, but that made me more confident as a business owner. There were times when I did wanted to give up, and literally shortly after pushing forward when I ascended. "

4. Be determined to stay on course

“Every day I do something for Sorella, be it learning something new, working with my team, taking a photo for Instagram, developing new ideas, etc. Every day I make sure that I do something for my brand growth. You need to be fearless, consistent, and know that you have already failed if you haven't tried. "

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5. Never forget who you are – or who you are doing it for

“I managed to be myself. Really. I am a real person and I think people tend to do it. I didn't have to pay to be at the top – all Sorella customers and support are 100 percent organic. Be yourself, don't apologize. That makes you unique. For example, it shaped me to become a mother. It gave me a completely different spark that I never had, a new reason to drive even harder. I have to leave a legacy to my babies, that's so important to me. No matter where you are in your life or at what level you do business, you know that the most important thing is who you are. "

Choose to shine in your authenticity and bravely go with women around you in the direction of your dreams. Together we can achieve everything!

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