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How job seekers' habits has modified since February (infographic)

Jobvite's annual Job Seeker Nation Report saw major changes in survey responses between February and April.

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29, 2020

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Sometimes it's hard to believe that the stock market was at a high level a few months ago and unemployment was only 3.5 percent. Now, three months after social distancing and blocking, the employment prospects of the Americans have taken a dramatic turn.

The recruitment software company Jobvite publishes an annual report on the behavior, views and preferences of the modern workforce. The 11th edition of this report is in the midst of a global health crisis leading to rising unemployment and job insecurity.

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In this year's report, Jobvite examined data from two surveys – one in February and a second in April during the nationwide shutdown. The differences between the two surveys were strong: in February, 28 percent of employees were afraid of losing their job sometime in 2020, and by April that number had risen to 47 percent. By April almost half of those surveyed planned to find a second source of income this year.

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Read on in this infographic for more information on how job seekers view the American economy.

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