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How can I promote straight from a stay stream? Fb Dwell Buying makes it straightforward.

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19, 2021

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To say you have the opportunity to sell things online today is an understatement.

Do you want to sell your new bamboo charcoal deodorant? Go to Amazon, Etsy, or create a Shopify website and run some ads. Do you have a LeBron James Rookie Card to dump? Sell ​​it to the highest bidder on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. These are just some of the popular ways to keep an eye on your products and activate up to 30 Stripe or PayPal payment emails.

Selling online is easier than ever. Based on what we saw during the pandemic and even the 2020 holiday season, online sales and purchases are at an all-time high. On Black Friday alone, online shopping rose 22% to a record $ 9 billion, according to Adobe Analytics.

The Adobe report also explained how social media drove one in ten visits to retail websites over Thanksgiving weekend – a 17% increase from last year. Many social media platforms are finding innovative ways to help big brands and small businesses sell more products – and make it easier for consumers to buy.

Because of this, now is the time as a business owner to promote your products and services online. If you're not sure where to start or don't have the marketing budget for large paid ad campaigns, there's a brand new, affordable, and effective option in Facebook Live.

Facebook Live has been around since 2016. And while many brands have used it to promote products before, there hasn't been an easy way to drive traffic to external websites or get a customer to buy locally.

With Facebook Live Shopping, you can easily go live from your desktop or mobile device and showcase your products to viewers.

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Potential customers can skip reading countless reviews and ask questions about the product on site. Online shoppers want instant satisfaction and love the convenience of customer support. They both post on Facebook Live.

So is live shopping effective?

All signs point to yes. Here is some evidence.

A recent report found that as of 2020, 265 million Chinese internet users have purchased goods via live stream. This means that every second video streaming observer is a potential buyer of video purchases.

Will we see the same results in the US?

If the study in China has the same percentage here in the US, where we have over 232 million online video viewers, then there is a market for around 115 million new customers.

Plus, live shopping is a new thing. Amazon Live recently launched and businesses and influencers are already seeing success. With this in mind, now is the time to develop a strategy for selling products live on the largest social media network (with over 2.7 billion users).

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How do I start selling live shopping on Facebook?

Getting started is easy. There are four ways to set up Facebook Live Shopping to start selling your products.

If you have a Commerce account on Facebook Commerce Manager, a linked Facebook page, and a product set in your Facebook catalog, you can tag and tag products from your shop and add links.

If you have a Facebook Page but don't have a Commerce account, you can manually add new products, add a description, and create a link to purchase before going live. When you click the Go Live button you can show viewers the link for specific products and they can click and go straight to a checkout page.

You can also start a live shopping video with no setup and talk about your products on the go. You can then add a link to your website in the comments so users can check out, or they can message you if they're interested. I've seen this work effective. For example, you could say, "send me a message saying" red dress, "and I'll send you a link to buy."

The final way to sell live is to add links during your live stream. This is an easy and effective way to send customers to your website or checkout website by clicking any link on the screen.

See my Lights Camera Live tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to sell on Facebook Live from your desktop.

Why try Facebook Live Shopping?

I shared how there is a huge shift to online shopping and that consumers are shopping on live streams. Facebook Live Shopping is a smart and fun way to:

Get in touch with customers in real time to show off your personality and build trust

Show how your products work

Save consumers time watching tutorials and reading reviews

Immediately respond to any objections to close the sale

Promote exclusive offers and promotions for viewers

Grow your fan base and promote word-of-mouth marketing

A new way to successfully sell products without spending thousands of dollars on advertising

All you need is your mobile device, your products, the right lighting, and good audio to start selling.

Start strategy development today and give it a try. There are tons of creative options. Maybe you sell spices and can use them from your kitchen during a live cooking show. Or maybe you can sell a luxury accessory by showing off yourself while you are wearing it or showing it off on a model from your runway in the living room. You won't know how well it works or how much money you can make until you try. So don't be shy, GO LIVE!

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