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How a CFP celebrates its financial earnings

People can often imagine that when their milestones are reached, there will be fireworks and party buses, along with a big celebration. And while there are sometimes, most wins are just small steps that you take each day until one day you wake up where you imagined you would be. This is why it's important to celebrate everything – the highs, the lows, the victories, the steps forward and sometimes even backward. Without awareness and reflection, you might miss out on celebrating how much progress you have made in your financial life. By acknowledging the so-called little things for yourself, you can keep the momentum going and feel good.

Here are some ways I can celebrate my cash winnings, no matter how big or small:

Tell my family and friends.

By sharing my money wins and even challenges with my closest friends and family, I can receive the love and support needed to keep the financial journey going. I think because money is still an issue that most people don't like to talk about. If they become vulnerable with close family members and friends, they can do so to me in return. This kind of giving and receiving is part of an open, abundant life. If you are comfortable, you can even share your winnings on social media, which could inspire others. Sharing your financial goals and personal financial journey will also help you stay out of the "I am all alone" mindset. It doesn't, and it can actually prevent you from getting more on your financial life.

Take a break and be proud of me.

There are so many specific times in my life that I felt my money was gaining viscerally and just paused to take a moment to be proud of myself. Whether it was saving a certain amount of money, negotiating a certain compensation package, or changing a pattern of thinking that is keeping me from living abundantly, I can purposefully recall the memories and feel great about them and myself. I remember years ago when I sold my first business and got the payment in my bank account, I was amazing that I actually did it. I had finally achieved my financial goal. It was just a normal work day and I was alone making my weekly money date. And I still clearly remember the excitement and joy when I knew I had achieved something I had worked on for years. The irony is, when we hit our financial goals like buying a home, paying off our student debt, or hit our cash cushion goal, there really aren't any big fireworks. Instead, you feel a deep understanding within yourself that you have finally achieved a goal that you may have been striving for for years.

Remember, I can go on with whatever needs to be done.

As I celebrate my money wins, I also remind myself that I have the power to do and create what I want in life. By using my real-world experience of accomplishing something I worked for, I am reminded that I can keep doing it to help achieve the next financial goal I have. When I reached my cash cushion goal years ago, I remembered that I have the power to make my financial life the way I want it and the discipline to save for my goals. These memories are vital because regardless of where we start financially, we all have the power to shape our lives the way we want and to decide how we show up, behave, think and act with our money . We are not victims. When I feel that and know that everything is possible in my being and that I can stay in the positive “I can” attitude.

Buy something memorable to recognize my hard work and effort.

This doesn't always have to be something important, it can even be something that you have wanted for a long time. Last year, when I had reached my own financial goal of generating a certain amount of business income for the year, I decided to take a serving with one of my larger incoming checks for my business and buy myself a designer handbag that I would mine for one had wanted a couple of years. It was a gift for me to enjoy my hard work and remember to accomplish it. But you don't always have to spend a lot. I also treat myself to smaller things like a massage or treat my family or friends to a nice dinner. I'm just trying to take time out to celebrate by enjoying something nice, be it a material item or a nice experience with loved ones.

Journaling my accomplishments.

Each year I take time to reflect on my overall performance for the year by writing them down. This activity is for me only, to remind myself of all I have achieved and to feel good about my accomplishments. By reflecting, I can connect with the positive aspects and blessings in my life to see how amazing I am. We tend to focus on what we lack or what we don't. Through this activity you will change your mindset and, in a sense, balance the scales.

It is common to look internally and criticize ourselves. Our minds jump to compare, think, "I didn't do this or that, or I didn't do this or that," or even feel like a failure. With this mindset, you can get stuck and just focus on what you are not and don't have instead of embracing everything you are and everything you have. Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way, especially with money. So take the time to celebrate and be grateful for what you have and all that you have accomplished. I firmly believe that this will also help you attract more into your life.

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