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Have been your taxes a multitude for 2019? Monitor your 2020 bills seamlessly with this helpful app.

This is an essential tool for small business owners and the self-employed.

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4, 2020

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For small business owners and especially solo entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and cost tracking can be a huge hassle. Sure, you could pay an accounting firm $ 2,000 a year to do everything for you, but who wants to spend $ 2,000 if they can do something themselves? You don't have to be the most organized person in the world to track your receipts. You just need a little help. Foreceipt is an app designed for that.

Foreceipt is a receipt mess solution used by half a million business owners, the self-employed, contractors, freelancers and more around the world. With Foreceipt you always have a personal accountant in your pocket. Simply take a photo of your business-related receipts, invoices and bills, and Foreceipt turns them into usable digital data. The app keeps track of your taxes, income, and daily expenses, and creates expense reports and books that are ready for the tax season. The digital vouchers are even accepted by the IRS and CRA.

You also don't need any receipts to keep track of your expenses. With Foreceipt, you can manually enter expenses and receipts without receipts or attach another transaction receipt. You can even email receipts to yourself to keep track of them. With Foreceipt, business owners and the self-employed can save up to 90 percent of their time tracking documents, the company says. Are you just thinking about all the other things you could do with that time?

There are similar apps, but you want one that doesn't make your life more difficult. Foreceipt earned 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, so you're in good hands. Typically $ 239.40, you can subscribe to Foreceipt for just $ 29.99 for five years. That's less than $ 6 a year.

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