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Goldman Sachs simply named the smallest and most various class of companions since going public

Goldman Sachs has just named its smallest and most diverse class of partners since going public in 1999.

The company named 60 employees to the coveted rank of partner on Thursday, the highest title with the New York-based bank and a nod to its history as a private partnership.

Since its acquisition in 2018, CEO David Solomon has urged making the partnership a more exclusive club, employing fewer people and accelerating the exit of some partners. The bank named 69 partners in 2018 and 84 in 2016; It has between 400 and 450 partners in total.

While nearly half, or 47%, of this year's group were classified as diverse, a high water mark for the company, most of the partners named are men. The bank said 27% of new partners are women, 7% black, 5% Latinx, and 17% Asian.

The incoming class and overall partnership is also far less diverse than the goals the bank has set for its junior staff, which is to have half of all new analysts and entry-level employees hired in the US be women, 11% blacks and 14% Latinx.

Goldman is alone among the big banks when it comes to naming partners. The title has advantages: Partners earn a base salary of USD 950,000 and gain access to lucrative internal mutual funds.

Here are the Goldman employees who will partner on January 1, 2021:

Zachary Ablon, Global Markets, New York

Anne-Victoire Auriault, Global Markets, New York

Jose Barreto, Investment Banking, London

John Brennan, Investment Banking, London

Richard Chambers, Global Markets, New York

Travis Chmelka, Global Markets, New York

William Connolly, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Yasmine Coupal, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Adam Crook, Global Markets, London

Simon Dangoor, Asset Management, London

Rajashree Datta, Risk, New York

Darren Dixon, Global Markets, New York

Lisa Donnelly, Operations, London

David Dubner, Investment Banking, New York

Jane Dunlevie, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Orla Dunne, Engineering, London

Ilya Gaysinskiy, Engineering, Jersey City

Wendy Gorman, Risk, New York

Jett Greenberg, Global Markets, New York

Phillip Han, Global Markets, New York

Michael Hui, Asset Management, Hong Kong

Rajiv Kamilla, Global Markets, New York

David Kamo, Investment Banking, New York

Nimesh Khiroya, Investment Banking, London

Jerry Lee, Investment Banking, New York

Christina Ma, Global Markets, Hong Kong

Hillel Moerman, Asset Management, New York

Aimee Mungovan, Investment Banking, New York

Kaushik Murali, Global Markets, New York

Sara Naison-Tarajano, Consumer & Wealth Management, New York

Mike Nickols, Investment Banking, New York

Ryan Nolan, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Bartosz Ostenda, Investment Banking, San Francisco

David Plutzer, Legal, New York

Nick Pomponi, Investment Banking, New York

Nicole Pullen Ross, Consumer & Wealth Management, New York

Muhammad Qubbaj, Global Markets, New York

Max Ramirez, Asset Management, London

Neema Raphael, Engineering, New York

Riccardo Riboldi, Global Markets, London

Osmin Rivera, Global Markets, New York

Brian Robinson, Global Markets, New York

Cosmo Roe, Investment Banking, New York

Jennifer Roth, Global Markets, New York

Jonathan Rousse, Global Markets, New York

Yassaman Salas, Investment Banking, New York

Gunjan Samtani, Engineering, Bengaluru

Michael Schlee, Compliance, New York

Leonard Seevers, Asset Management, New York

Ales Sladic, Global Markets, Hong Kong

Miruna Stratan, Investment Banking, New York

Michael Ungari, Asset Management, New York

Nicholas van den Arend, Investment Banking, London

Alex von Moll, Global Markets, London

Heather from Zuben, Asset Management, New York

Monali Vora, Asset Management, New York

Michael Voris, Investment Banking, New York

David Wade, Global Markets, London

Karl Wianecki, Asset Management, Jersey City

Mark Wilson, Global Markets, London

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