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Get your alcohol for the weekend with this supply from Saucey

This innovative company has made the quarantine more bearable.

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16, 2020

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While some people have gone back to work, much of the American workforce is still working remotely, still trying to isolate itself and smooth the curve. It is a noble job at this point, as so many parts of the country are stumbling backwards into dangerously high infection rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That means you've earned a drink to make such a strong sacrifice. But don't get up and go to the liquor store – especially after a long week of work. Let Saucey do the heavy lifting for you.

Saucey is a Los Angeles-based startup that offers on-demand alcohol deliveries. It's like Grubhub or Uber Eats, but for alcohol. They work with local liquor stores across the country to create a truly unique, exceptional menu that will blow your bodega selection out of the water. Because they work with so many stores, they can offer almost anything you are looking for. Whether you want craft beer, hard seltzer, red wine, gin, tequila, vodka or just a few snacks, Saucey has it all. Simply order through the app and they will send a courier to do your run for you and take it straight to your door.

Saucey currently delivers to Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Fresno, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orange County, Orlando, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San José, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Tampa Bay and Washington DC. They also offer two-day and bottom shipping in California and New York.

Don't make a special trip to the store just because you need to stock up on beer. Now you can register with Saucey and receive a special offer with your first order. Get $ 20 in credits for $ 15.99. For $ 22.99 you get $ 30 credit. and for $ 34.99 you get $ 50 credit.

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