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Get soiled with Mike Rowe

The moderator of & # 39; Dirty Jobs & # 39; experiences a poo PTSD that relives some of his roughest moments in front of the camera

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21, 2020

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Pick up your headphones or clear the room, because we're going to get dirty. Today's Get a Real Job guest is Mike Rowe, who is often dirty.

Many of us loved this gentleman on his Dirty Jobs show, where he did all sorts of bad jobs like sewer inspection and snake vomiting investigation.

The show has closed the shop for a while, but luckily it's back! Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip can be seen on Discovery Channel and Hulu. During our conversation, we discussed how it came about, how Mike became a skilled worker and what it was like to be trapped in a poo valanche.

Thanks as always for listening!

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