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The CEO and co-founder of the start-up Sendoso talks about how his sales experience inspired him to create the leading broadcasting platform.

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19, 2020

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Kris Rudeegraap is the CEO and co-founder of Sendoso, a “broadcasting platform” that helps sales teams deliver gifts and items to customers and potential customers. Rudeegraap talks to #ThePlaybook moderator David Meltzer about the company's initial inspiration, development, and notable examples of how customers used the platform and advice for entrepreneurs.

Rudeegraap describes how he came up with the idea for Sendoso as a result of 10 years in sales. He talks about the early development of the platform and how he designed the product with pen and paper and mastered the challenge of breaking through email and digital noise to reach customers.

Rudeegraap talks about how the sales experience of him and his co-founder also helped to give impulses early on, as they gained customers, recruited talent and used customer conversations to improve the product.

Rudeegraap also mentions various uses of Sendoso, including a wine bottle with a combination lock (the combination that is provided when the recipient plans to call the sender), decoder glasses to uncover hidden messages, and a custom Advent calendar.

Rudeegraap suggests tackling major challenges by breaking them down into manageable parts, and advises entrepreneurs to have fun, work smart, but not necessarily hard to achieve a good work-life balance.

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