: GameStop, AMC buying and selling throttled as shares pull again from Wednesday positive aspects

Trading shares of video game retailer GameStop Corp.
and theater chain AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. was throttled in Thursday's session after Wednesday's session with massive profits and broker restrictions.

Trading in both stocks was suspended several times on the New York Stock Exchange in its early session on Thursday due to the volatility.

Stocks that gained 39% in early trading to hit an intraday high of $ 483.00 last fell 39% to $ 214. If GameStop stocks were lower on Thursday, it would mean a five-session winning streak in which stocks rose 788%.

Shares fell 53% to $ 9.38 after opening at $ 11.98, well below Wednesday's $ 19.90 close.

On Wednesday, GameStop closed at a record high of $ 347.51 after rising 135% as AMC shares quadrupled as individual investor buy clashed with Wall Street companies that were short.

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On Thursday, online trading app Robinhood restricted trading in GameStop and other volatile stocks embroiled in the battle between retail investors and Wall Street hedge funds. Meanwhile, Interactive Brokers said it would allow investors to liquidate positions in volatile stocks like GameStop, but not create new ones.

This followed restrictions on GameStop and AMC trading by TD Ameritrade and Schwab on Wednesday.

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