Funding Funds Weekly: These cash and funding suggestions may also help you out when a Santa Claus rally hits city

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Inside buying says a Santa Claus rally is on the way – here are 10 stocks they'd prefer

Hold on to your market exposure and add more if possible. The twin fears that are terrifying investors – the COVID strain and inflation – are exaggerated. Continue reading

The Nasdaq and Dow are now trading in a way that was evident just before the internet bubble burst

Sessions where one large stock index closed higher while another ended lower have become more common, and that doesn't reflect a healthy market. Continue reading

Even the most generous of valuation measures show that the US stock market is overvalued

The price-to-book ratio is higher and therefore more bearish than at almost any other point in time in the last few decades. Continue reading

These stock market signals tell you when it is safe to buy again

The slump in the S&P 500 exposed weak internal factors. Continue reading

Your exposure to technology stocks is much bigger than you think

If you own an S&P 500 fund, technology isn't 25%, it's north of 40%. Continue reading

ARK Innovation Fund falls over a year low as Nasdaq Composite drifts towards correction

The downturn for Ark Innovation and Wood's wider range of ETF offerings comes after a stellar 2020. Read more

Momentum stocks can give you an advantage, researchers say

This nullifies a simple buy-and-hold strategy. Continue reading

In his final warning, this stock trading expert – who made big bucks in bear markets and crashes – described this market as a bubble like no other

Veteran trader Mark D. Cook, who recently passed away, was keeping a close eye on the health of the market and was convinced that US stocks would expect a big hit. Continue reading

Ford and GM stocks could get a boost if they create a special "Class EV" stock for their electric vehicle business

Keeping track of stocks would give shareholders a dedicated stake in a rapidly growing entity. Continue reading

Tesla's shares are still cheap, says the manager of the new ETF that made Musk's EV company its # 1 holding company

Gary Black of Future Fund Active ETF expects Tesla to maintain its market share, which could mean a surge in profits and stock price. Continue reading

The loss of her father on September 11th led this woman to help people manage their money and gain financial security

As a teenager, Chloe Wohlforth recognized the precious role of a financial advisor in running her family's finances. Continue reading

The best reason ever to postpone retirement

Working longer can delay cognitive decline Read more

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