Funding Funds Weekly: These Cash And Funding Ideas Can Assist You Make Sensible Monetary Selections For 2022

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The most important part of financial planning for retirement

Choosing the right planner and consultant can make all the difference Read more

Stock markets' # 1 post-inflation return forecast is now solidly bearish – 7 other top valuation models are too

US household equity allocation and other trustworthy measures suggest the S&P 500 will be a losing bet in the coming decade. Continue reading

Here's what I've done right and wrong about stocks, bitcoin, and China this year – and my predictions for 2022

It's been a wild year and some of the same themes will play out in the months to come. Continue reading

Santa Claus offers you attractive opportunities for a stock market rally

The post-Christmas season represents the coming together of three strong seasonal patterns. Continue reading

Technical trading signals on the stock market are on the verge of becoming bullish

Volatility is falling and market breadth is improving, suggesting investors may step in and buy stocks soon. Continue reading

Five stocks to buy because corporate insiders love them as they suffered year-end tax losses

The company's executives are buying stocks based on expectations that they will recover in the new year. Continue reading

The IPO bubble bursts as the era of easy money ends

60% of this year's IPOs are listed below their market price on the opening day. Many will never recover. Continue reading

Participation in the Great Resignation? Consider a career in financial advisory

Several trends make this an attractive choice Read more

The new year can start with a bang on the stock market

Higher volatility and falling stock prices through the end of 2021 can create opportunities. Continue reading

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