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Free webinar July 29: The best way to begin a grocery or shopper items retailer

Experience the challenges and opportunities of a company for food and consumer goods with Kuda Biza, co-founder and CMO of Nunbelievable.

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14, 2020

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Are you thinking of opening a grocery or consumer goods store? Attend our live webinar with Kuda Biza, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Nunbelievable, and discuss a company's challenges and opportunities for food and consumer products.

The central theses:

The importance of "testing & learning" Identify your "super power" Fall in love with your dream customer

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Kuda Biza is the Chief Marketing Officer of Nunbelievable, a Loeb. The start-up bakery startup supported by NYC is fighting hunger in the USA. Prior to joining Nunbelievable, Kuda led P&L for a $ 75 million e-commerce business with a $ 5 million marketing budget, and successfully rebuilt six companies and nonprofits. Kuda is an active speaker and has delivered keynote speeches in more than 40 institutions in 4 countries, including Harvard and the United Nations, to inspire audiences, take action, make dreams come true, and influence social change through targeted entrepreneurship.

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