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Free webinar July 15: Seek for builders and technical expertise

Discuss with us how you can best attract affordable developers and technical talent to your new business.

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1, 2020

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Do you have a great business idea but no programming skills to make it a reality? Attend our live webinar with Dina Bayasanova, CEO of the competence-based talent marketplace PitchMe, and discuss how you can best attract affordable developers and technical talents to your new company.

The central theses:

Why is now the perfect time to find affordable technical talent?

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Dina Bayasanova is a co-founder and CEO of PitchMe, a skills-based talent market for career development and job hunting. After 12 years with multinational companies, Dina entered the world of startups, established herself as a pioneer in the future of the job industry and became a mentor for the Exeter Entrepreneurship Society and the Kings College Accelerator. Dina was the winner of the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2019.

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