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four Methods to Construct a Seven Digit Model and Sellable Enterprise

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19, 2021

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As the world opens up again, consumers are changing their mindsets and getting used to everyday life again. They spend more on products, services and various offers from entrepreneurs. While the opportunities for growth are enormous, that growth is often negated by a lack of clarity. You may have started your business with something you are passionate about, but you need clarity about where you are going.

An important step in scaling a business to six, seven, or even eight positions is having a vision and plan for how the business will grow. Will you always have solo preneur surgery? Do you want to start a business with virtual assistants? Would you consider hiring employees?

If your goal is to build a seven-figure brand and a company that one day you could sell, here are four ways to get clarity and growth.

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1. Create a larger entity using personal branding strategies.

To build a salable business, you need a structure that will allow the business to sell. When your business is completely tied to you, it becomes difficult to sell.

While starting a business (LLC, corporation, agency, etc.) will help build a salable business, strategies for personal brand growth are still essential. A great example of this is how Gary Vaynerchuk built VaynerMedia using the reach of his personal brand.

To build an old brand, think about the structure and name first, or convert an existing company. You can then use the internet and social media to leverage the presence, content and marketing of your personal brand in addition to the corporate brand. In the end, you build two assets.

The idea of ​​entrepreneurship is freedom and financial independence. The goal should be to build a business that can work without your constant direct involvement. Building a larger unit will help you achieve these goals.

2. Use a value-first approach to marketing.

It doesn't take long to scroll the internet and see a rush of sales ads and news. Too much published content indicates that you made the decision to sell without first adding value for the consumer.

To build a scalable seven figure business, don't follow the typical approach. One way to convert more cold consumers is with value-first content. People are fed up with advertisements; They want real added value from the content they consume on a daily basis. If you're the entrepreneur or the company that adds value first, you can easily stand above the sales cries.

Consumers want to know how and why your business was founded and what growth path you are on. They want powerful strategies, digital marketing tactics, wellness optimization tips, and other real-world content that they can use without having to spend money with you first.

Take the longer term approach to consumer marketing and conversion. It turns casual visitors into followers and ultimately customers when you take a value-based first approach to digital marketing through solid content.

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3. Make offers with practical consumer value.

Your business offerings should be clear and based on practical value in building a salable business. This value could come from software, services, physical and digital products.

Have product offerings for every segment of your target audience, from low-tier to premium. Focus on tangible results and clear insights for consumers. You will see the value when less marketing is required on your part.

4. Point out and add building blocks regularly.

A big reason industry leaders build large audiences is because they consistently show up and add value. Check out a celebrity YouTuber, influencer, or big-name entrepreneur and you will see a story of persistence.

Growth starts with being clear about your overall goals. If you're happy with sticking to a smaller business model, that's fine. If your goal is to build a scalable and salable business, consider how to go about these four points.

You can build a business that will grow beyond you by always putting all of your time and energy into work. Creating strategic freedom.

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