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four Methods To Begin Including Revenue Streams Now

Actionable suggestions to generate more income anytime.

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2, 2020

1 min read

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In this video, financial advisor Jeff Rose offers four actionable steps to generating extra income, whether as a sideline or for a period of unemployment. These action items are:

1. Do something else

Try to lower your standards and do something that you may feel overqualified for, such as: B. drive a lift or deliver groceries. When you stand there and take action, things start to happen.

2. Start investing small

When you invest in dividend stocks, you will receive a quarterly dividend check. In addition, the value of your stock can increase over time.

3. Dare to do something risky

Get out of your comfort zone and try something you are not familiar with, such as: B. Cryptocurrency. Even if you don't understand exactly how it works, a small investment will motivate you to learn more.

4. Build something now that will generate income later

A side business or project may not make money for months or years depending on what it is and how much work you are willing to do, but it could be lucrative in the long run.

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