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Florida now has extra coronavirus instances than New York and California leads the nation

A healthcare worker collects nasal swab samples on July 24, 2020 in a Covid-19 mobile test facility in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

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Florida has reported more confirmed coronavirus cases than the state of New York as the epicenter of the pandemic has moved from the northeast to the Sunbelt region in the south and west of the United States.

Florida has confirmed a total of at least 414,511 cases since the pandemic began, according to Johns Hopkins University, and, along with other states like Texas and California, has had a record daily coronavirus death based on a seven-day moving average. Florida had at least 12,444 new daily cases on Friday.

Florida ranks second on the list of the United States with the largest number of cases. California leads the country with more than 440,325 cases on Friday. New York, once the epicenter of the outbreak, is now third-party with at least 411,200 confirmed infections. Texas, now a hotspot, has confirmed a total of 380,554 cases.

At least 5,777 people died of the virus in Florida, while 32,607 deaths were recorded in New York, by far the majority in one state.

Although the Florida outbreak has exploded in recent weeks, daily case numbers have recently been trending down as a seven-day moving average, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins' data. The state's new daily average averaged more than 9% on Friday.

However, Florida's death and hospital stay rates have risen steadily. Florida reported an average of 121 daily deaths on Friday, an increase of 21% over a week. The number of people hospitalized for the virus has increased by an average of 14%.

Governor Ron DeSantis said last week that the state had "stabilized" the number of cases and led a decrease in the percentage of coronavirus tests that were positive. Slightly more than 11% of the tests were positive on Friday, compared to a recent high of around 15% in late June.

"We are definitely heading in a better direction," said DeSantis. "We tend to do much better today than we did two weeks ago."

President Donald Trump canceled the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday for health reasons. The president announced the announcement on a day that Florida reported a daily report of coronavirus-related deaths.

The United States reported more than 1,100 coronavirus deaths on Friday. This was the fourth day in a row that the daily death toll was over 1,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than four million cases are known in the United States because countries in the south and west have difficulties in containing the virus. As the number of cases, hospitalizations and virus-related deaths continues to increase in the United States, health care professionals warn that the actual number of cases is higher than previously reported.

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