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Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Interim Healthcare

Interim HealthCare franchisees were founded in 1966 and provide home care, hospice and medical staff.

Be part of a successful team with Interim HealthCare

The leading healthcare franchise

Established in 1966, Interim HealthCare is a locally owned and operated home care, hospice and medical staff franchise that has become a trusted source of care and services. With more than 300 independent and operated franchise locations in 43 states, Interim's independent franchisees provide non-medical, medical, hospice and health worker services to approximately 50,000 people annually.

Receive financial and personal rewards

The Interim HealthCare Life Improvement Mission means you have the opportunity to do good. It is rare to find a franchise that offers the combination of financial and personal rewards. As the original home care company, we've been growing steadily for more than 50 years!

The Interim HealthCare franchise system offers franchisees:

An affordable investment with the potential to expand into multiple units
Opportunity for a diversified service mix to build up additional cash flow
Comprehensive training and innovative marketing programs
Unmatched expertise in the non-medical, medical, hospice and health workforce
Alignment with the original home care brand

As an Interim HealthCare Franchisee, you can be proud to work for a company that touches so many lives in such positive ways every day. Just ask our current franchisees – they have an average tenure in our business of 18 years.

Support you need as a franchisee

Interim HealthCare offers the training and support you need to run your Interim HealthCare franchise successfully, regardless of your background or experience. Our system ensures that you start properly and quickly move on to effective day-to-day management and operation. Training and support from Interim HealthCare includes:

Comprehensive on-site, online and on-site training programs
Sales and marketing support and access to an online marketing portal
Operational expertise in the franchise business from the most seasoned home care, hospice and medical personnel in the industry
Access to a web-based information technology system that supports the core business areas of Interim
Ability to network with experienced franchisees who have licensed, Medicare certified companies


"The support and attention given to the franchise company has exceeded my expectations. My office is growing through non-medical and personnel measures. We assume that the coming year will almost double."
Cathy Olsen – Interim HealthCare Owner

"Our business has grown tremendously in recent years. We have acquired additional territory to take advantage of the opportunities our market offers. Our on-site visits from our national headquarters have been critical to helping us grow further. "
Michael Priddy – Interim HealthCare Owner

Fill out the information form to request additional information and learn how you can become part of our growing health team today!

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