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eight Scientifically supported strategies that make you extra personable

Remember, people love to talk about themselves, and when they feel good, they feel good with you.

Open conversations by asking about the individual's "wow project" – something that he or she is working on and that he or she is really excited about, Sanders says. "Listen until you're tired of talking about your passion project. It's usually five minutes, but it will be the best five minutes of this conversation."

You should also think about the type of follow-up questions you ask. "Ask a question in an open format that shows that you are really interested in the answer," Lederman says. "From this point on, you can listen and ask additional questions, investigate a little further – don't ask – or you can listen and share. When you share something about yourself on the same topic, you show a connection. A relativity, a commonality, and people like people like them. "

Finding things in common is also a classic technique that builds up rapport. You can do this by finding things that you have in common with the other person, building relationships over time, or most powerfully through a third person, e.g. For example, a connection or a close friend who works in the same industry as you.

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