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Don't consider your personal hype

The CEO of Take Lessons speaks about the realities of starting a business and the boundary between self-promotion and humility.

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27, 2020

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The opinions expressed by the entrepreneurs' contributors are their own.

Steven Cox is the founder and CEO of Take Lessons, a venture-backed startup that connects students with art teachers, academics, and foreign languages ​​both locally and online.

# ThePlaybook presenter David Meltzer talks to Cox about the origins of Take Lessons. Cox also discusses the realities of entrepreneurship and how they differ from myths.

Cox offers its own lessons and advises entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, but not in their hype – not to take their self-promotion too seriously and realize that sometimes they can be wrong. To achieve this, entrepreneurs suggest that entrepreneurs should wear both the "founder" and the "investor" as their business grows.

Cox tells how he founded Take Lessons after helping his rock band's drummer find work as a music teacher, and how it allowed his company to stay nimble, listen to customers, and adjust to fit the product market, before he runs out of money.

Cox and Meltzer also talk about how a business is run compared to baseball, with expectations changing as the game stays the same over time. Cox explains that after 12 years with Take Lessons, he's now focused on making sure investors are happy and planning for the next five years.

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