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Don't cease the presses: the decide provides the go-ahead for Mary Trump's guide

Author Mary L. Trump and her new book on Donald Trump.

Photo: Peter Serling, Copyright 2020

A New York judge dismissed Monday's legal challenge to the publication of Mary Trump's family book – a day before the planned release.

In a 20-page verdict, Dutchess County's Supreme Court judge Hal Greenwald said that President Donald Trump's brother Robert's offer to block his niece's publication of the book was illegal – and that the news about the content of the Book had already reached "millions of" through the tremendous media attention it has garnered. "

The ruling was issued in bookstores the night before Mary Trump's book "Too Much and Never Enough How My Family Made the Most Dangerous Man in the World" was sold.

"The court correctly understood how to reject the Trump family's efforts to suppress Mary Trump's key political speech on key issues of public interest," said Mary Trump's lawyer Ted Boutrous in a statement. "Tomorrow, the American public can read Mary's important words for herself."

The book's editor, Simon & Schuster, said in his own statement: "Unrestricted publication rights are a sacred American freedom and a fundamental principle of our republic, and we welcome the Court of Justice that it reinforces established precedent against prejudice and prejudice orders to publish . "

Robert Trump, the president's younger brother, filed a lawsuit last month to block the publication of the book. He argued that it violated a confidentiality agreement signed by Mary Trump to end a lawsuit with the president and his siblings. This legal dispute included a dispute over the estate of the late father of the president, Fred Trump. Mary Trump and her brother had accused the president and his siblings of taking their fair share of the estate.

Greenwald remarked, "At the time of the deal, the Trump family was a New York-based real estate developer and not much else. They weren't elected officials or TV personalities."

The judge said Robert Trump's allegation that the agreement prevented Mary Trump from ever writing about her family was too broad, nor did he explain how the publication of the book would harm him, as his court file claimed.

"His allegations are unsupported and conclusive," the judge wrote.

Greenwald initially signed a restraining order against Simon & Schuster, which was put down by a judge from the Court of Appeals. In Monday's decision, Greenwald overturned a similar order against Mary Trump.

In his decision, the judge found that thousands of copies of the book had already been sent to the store, referring to another court's decision regarding the unsuccessful offer by the president to have a book published by John Bolton, his former national security adviser To block.

"Comparing the potentially huge costs and logistical nightmare associated with stopping the publication, retrieving, and removing hundreds of thousands of books from all kinds of booksellers, stationary and virtual books, libraries, and individuals is currently an insurmountable task. United to quote States v. Bolton, … "It looks like the horse is not only from the stable, but also from the country," wrote Greenwald.

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