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Common Studios breaks off profitable Halloween horror nights when coronavirus instances seem

A general view of the atmosphere during the opening of Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Orlando Resort on September 14, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

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Halloween horror nights won't come to Universal's parks this year.

The California and Florida-based theme park announced on Friday that its annual Halloween event was canceled due to corona virus pandemic operational restrictions.

"Universal Studios Hollywood continues to face ongoing business constraints and uncertainty over the opening period," the park said. "The Universal Orlando Resort will focus solely on the operation of its daytime theme parks, using the existing improved health and safety practices."

While Universal's Orlando-based parks reopened in June, California has not lifted its amusement park closure order. It is unclear when Universal Studios Hollywood may resume operations and what restrictions may apply to the company.

Creepy events like Halloween Horror Nights have become incredibly popular with guests in the US and abroad and often fill the bottom line for operators of theme parks like Universal, Disney and Six Flags.

Halloween Horror Nights offers themed haunted houses, fear zones and live entertainment in autumn. The event takes place in the late afternoon and in the evening after the traditional park operation has ended.

Universal had record results at its Halloween Horror Nights events in 2018. Comcast's theme park sales increased 3.5% to $ 1.5 billion in the fourth quarter of this year.

Most parks start their Halloween events in early September. However, as interest in these temporary mazes, haunted houses and experiences grows, parks open them earlier and earlier.

The cancellation of Halloween Horror Nights is another blow to Universal's theme park business, which has already been forced to restrict participation to comply with new safety regulations during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Information: Comcast is the parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC.

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