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Coaching via the winter with this ingenious HIIT coaching machine

The SKI-ROW AIR is an innovative solution for training at home.

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31, 2020

2 min read

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With Covid-19 cases rising again, we face a long, dark winter of social distancing. This haven that you found when you went outside and worked out won't be quite as refreshing when it's freezing cold, and public gyms are almost the last place you want to be during a pandemic. Why don't you bring the gym over to you?

The SKI-ROW AIR from EnergyFit is like a complete gym setup in a single device. It is the first of its kind HIIT (Dual Function High-Intensity Interval Training) machine to give you a comprehensive workout at home that you would get from a class or a professional trainer.

With its flexible, space-saving design, the SKI-ROW AIR fits almost anywhere. With convenient front-mounted transport wheels and a gas assist cylinder, you can easily raise the machine and lower it to the floor, and tuck it into a corner when your workout is finished. That makes it easy to use for people of any fitness ability.

What is special about the SKI-ROW, however, is the way in which it uses the air flywheel resistance to adjust your exertion stroke by stroke, whether you are skiing or rowing. You can just use it for ski or rowing workouts, or confuse it with a simple pedal press by switching between skiing and rowing. Seriously, you can switch between skiing and rowing and back in less than five seconds, making this a truly comprehensive HIIT workout tool. In addition, it has a Bluetooth and ANT + heart rate connection, so you can track your heart rate and your performance level at all times.

If you are a serious athlete, you can also upgrade to the SKI-ROW AIR + PWR. The AIR + PWR has all the functions of the SKI-ROW AIR, but offers a magnetic brake. This brake offers 20 additional levels of gentle resistance to challenge even the fittest of us. It's much more of a workout than running in the icy air.

Regardless of your fitness, the SKI-ROW AIR offers you excellent HIIT training from home all winter long. Typically $ 1,899, you could save 21 percent getting it for $ 1,499 today. You can also upgrade to SKI-ROW AIR + PWR (usually $ 2,299) for just $ 1,899.

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