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Cancel your iCloud subscription and save virtually 70 p.c on this prime cloud storage service

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9, 2020

2 min read

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Every business owner knows the frustration of having way too many files. Unless you are an organization assistant, your computer is very likely to slow down into a crawl of files that are still hard to find when you need them. Sometimes the easiest solution is to just remove them from your computer, which is why the cloud exists.

However, cloud solutions can be extremely expensive, especially for enterprise solutions. This is what many business owners need, considering how much there is to keep in mind. Fortunately, pCloud offers a Premium Plus Cloud Storage plan at an unbeatable price. Right now, you can get a one-year subscription for 68 percent off $ 95 for just $ 29.99.

pCloud is extremely secure web storage for all of your files, from photos and videos to music, documents, and more. With pCloud, you get 2 TB of cloud storage and 2 TB of download link traffic that doesn't take up any space on your computer. It offers excellent transfer speed and security, and makes it easy to move files off your computer and access them instantly in the cloud.

With pCloud you can enjoy a 256-bit TLS / SSL connection and access content of unlimited size with integrated audio and video players with HD video streaming. You can automatically sync your data across multiple devices and back up your files from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and OneDrive. Upon downloading, you will receive download links with full statistics that allow you to set passwords and expiration dates for more sensitive files. You can even recover your files from cryptovirus or malware in an emergency.

pCloud was rated 4.5 stars by Cloudwards and named "The Best Cloud Sync You've Never Heard" by TechRepublic. Get a one-year subscription to pCloud for just $ 29.99 today.

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