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Burger King requires assist to native companies

The hamburger chain Burger King announced on its Twitter account a call to its customers to support the consumption of local restaurants in view of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

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19, 2020

2 min read

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The fast food company was aware of the difficult situation of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and asked its customers to shop at local companies.

In the statement, the company highlighted, "The point is, there are many dishes from thousands of restaurants that deserve to be as famous as Whopper."

Even so, Burger King announced that users wishing to share any of the star dishes would publish a #PideLocal label and share it "with the entire Kingdom of BK on Instagram".

Image: @BurgerKingMx

In a similar way, the brand underlines the offerings of various food companies and emphasizes their menus, addresses and promotions.

About a month ago, the transnational invited its consumers to buy groceries from other restaurants, including its direct competitors like McDonalds and other fast food companies.

Image: @BurgerKingUK

Since the middle of the year, the company has been warning of the difficulties this crisis would pose for the industry, namely keeping business operations going with the social distancing imposed by the authorities due to the pandemic, especially if the measures varied by location.

The restaurateurs have encountered several obstacles, one of which was the commissions of the food distribution platforms. For this reason, CANIRAC launched its own check platform for shipments in October. This started operations in November in the CDMX.

The fast food chain understands the lessons that this emergency situation has learned in order to be able to reflect and innovate marketing trends in the future, to overcome adversity, to move forward and to provide support together with other companies in case of difficulties.

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