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Biden would add 306 votes

It is already mathematically impossible for Donald Trump to win, but the president did not allow the election campaign.

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13, 2020

3 min read

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This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia, while Trump won in North Carolina, according to Edison Research on Friday, and recognized the last two states in the US president's race.

Edison Research said Biden won 306 votes in the electoral college to 232 for Trump . The Democrat had exceeded the 270 electoral college votes required to be named president on Saturday.

Although Biden has not yet been officially declared president-elect – a role the General Administration of Services equates to for an effective transfer of power – it is currently mathematically impossible for Trump to win the election.

Already on Saturday, CNN gave Biden the victory, which exceeded 270 votes after the victory in the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. The Democrat would have received 50.8 percent of the vote, while Trump has 47.4 percent of the vote.

Biden also cemented his victory in the White House race by taking the key state of Arizona although the official transition to his administration continues to stagnate because President Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge defeat.

In addition, Biden has won more than a week later in Arizona since the election began Nov. 3, Edison Research said Thursday night. The former vice president is only the second Democratic White House candidate in seven decades to triumph in the state, a traditional Republican stronghold.

States have until December 8th to confirm their votes and vote for voters on the electoral college who will officially elect the new president on December 14th.

Trump's refusal to admit defeat has blocked the transition to a new government . The agency that finances the elected president, the Federal Administration Service, has not yet recognized Biden's triumph.

The next White House chief of staff Ron Klain told NSMBC on Thursday that it was especially important to start the transition now as the Biden government wants to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign immediately.

With information from Reuters and Europa Press.

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