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At this time is Malbec World Day. That is how it’s celebrated in Mexico

Wines of Argentina celebrates the eleventh edition of Malbec World Day with an online shop in Mexico. The celebrations take place from April 15th to May 15th.

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17, 2021

3 min read

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This April 17th Malbec World Day is celebrated, an initiative that aims to promote Argentine Malbec around the world through a celebration that pays tribute to this South American country's flagship vine.

Malbec World Day (MWD) was initiated by Wines of Argentina (WofA) and with the support of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Mexico and has been celebrated for 11 years with the spirit of sharing Argentine culture and identity with the world through the most outstanding wines of this nation, so glasses from around the world are always accompanied by wines that reflect the diversity of Argentine terroirs and the warmth of the hands that make them up.

Origins of the celebration

Malbec World Day celebrates the date of the establishment of the first Quinta Normal de Agricultura of the Gaucho country (April 17, 1853) and the takeover of French vines in the lands of Mendoza, marking the beginning of Argentine viticulture.

75% of Malbec worldwide is produced in Argentina, which produced 106 million liters in 2020 alone, reflecting the richness of the terroirs as well as the wine culture and personality of this country.

The Argentine Malbec is characterized by its silkyness in the mouth and its noble flavors, which are simply delicious and ideal for any moment, from an elegant dinner to a meeting in the light of the campfire in a canteen. These malbecs are straightforward.

For more digital presence

Every April, Wines of Argentina organizes a series of promotions in the main export markets, accompanied by events coordinated by Argentine representatives abroad, as well as numerous independent initiatives. Depending on the context of COVID-19 and in line with a change in WofA's strategy towards digitization, MWD will try this year to mark the presence of Argentina Malbec in digital ecosystems with much greater force.

For this reason, and for wine lovers who know the variety of labels that the 45,657 hectares of Malbec in Argentina offer, they are opening the online shop The e-commerce offers 55 Argentinian wine brands from 17 wineries:

Altavista Winery Catena Zapata Winery Luigi Bosca Winery – Arizu Family Navarro Correas Winery Norton Winery Bodegas Bianchi Bodegas Winery La Rosa Salentein Winery El Esteco Winery Schroeder Winery Finca Las Moras Kaiken Winery La Rural / Rutini Winery Winery Lagarde Winery MontaƱas de Uco Winery

Shoppers will enjoy the wide range of labels and various promotions, as well as the opportunity to participate in activities related to the celebration of Malbec World Day, such as virtual tastings accessed by purchasing a kit of three Malbecs. The Malbec celebrations take place from April 15th to May 15th.

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