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Approx. 1 million packs of Clorox disinfectant wipes are used every single day

The cleaning products company saw a significant increase in all of its products, especially disinfectant wipes, due to the pandemic.

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25, 2020

2 min read

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According to a Bloomberg report, Clorox is unable to meet the demand for packets of disinfectant wipes and is distributing about a million a day.

Clorox is shipping its disinfectant wipes ASAP as consumers have increased their orders for this class of hygiene products. The demand for canned food also increased. All of this with the aim of not constantly going to shopping malls.

“Almost a million packs of Clorox wipes are delivered to stores every day. As soon as they are on the shelf, people pick them up, ”says Naomi Greer, company spokeswoman.

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To cope with this increase in orders, Clorox turned to 10 third-party manufacturers and operates its own plants around the clock.

Clorox's competitor, Reckitt Benckiser Group, is also preparing and forecasting production of 35 million Lysol aerosol cans per month in North America by the end of the year, more than three times what it was before the pandemic began.

The high user demand for such products has resulted in large stores like Target Corp and Walmart limiting the amount of disinfectant wipes they can buy per visit.

Target mentions that products sell very quickly after they hit shelves. Walmart is working with its supply chain division to meet demand as the company is "closely monitoring" the availability of these products in an email, according to a spokesman.

"While we continue to make progress in expanding our offering, we have not yet reached a point where we can fully meet the continued high demand," said Linda Rendle on a conference call earlier this month.

Linda Rendle, CEO of the Clorox Company, says that while Clorox production lines will not be shut down, her number one priority as a company is to increase the supply of wipes and other high-demand cleaning products, including increasing capacity. .

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