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"Almost 1,000" Cleveland Clinic nurses contaminated with Covid-19, the hospital official says

Kelly Hancock, Cleveland Clinic's chief caregiver officer, urged her community to follow social distancing and masking guidelines as Covid-19 hits hundreds of employees in one of America's best hospitals.

"We had a record today, we saw almost 12,000 new cases of Covid-positive patients in the state of Ohio. So when you think of the increase and the resulting hospital stays, that's incredible," Hancock said during an interview on Monday evening. The news with Shepard Smith. " "We are seeing nearly 1,000 of our caregivers affected by Covid-19 and unable to care for these patients."

The Cleveland Clinic reported that 970 caregivers were absent from the virus, three times as many as two weeks ago. Covid-19 cases are increasing in the greater Cleveland area, according to the Ohio Department of Health. There was an average of 83 new cases between September 23 and 29, and an average of 1,134 new cases between November 11 and 17.

Hancock told host Shepard Smith that despite the infections affecting its healthcare workers, the Cleveland Clinic continues to be able to maintain its standard of patient care.

"Right now we have enough staff. We can mobilize our carers in the areas where they are most needed. However, we meet frequently throughout the day to assess the situation for both our carers and the bed Capacity, "said Hancock.

The United States has registered more than 3 million new coronavirus cases this month alone. That's a quarter of all cases in the country, according to a CNBC analysis of the Johns Hopkins data. The US has recorded an average of 1,500 deaths per day for the past week, which is an average of more than one death per minute for the past week.

The hospital stays lasted 29 days in a row, and during that time the number of people hospitalized for the virus doubled, according to the Covid Tracking Project. Hancock urged that American health workers need all the help they can get now. She advised people to avoid large gatherings during the holidays, wear appropriate masks, and wash their hands frequently.

"All of these really matter to all of us, and we need to do all of these to make sure we can keep our caregivers at work," said Hancock.

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