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A lady licks merchandise in a grocery store to "strengthen" her immune system: video

She describes herself as an opponent of vaccinations.

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18, 2021

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How would you strengthen your immune system? Many consume supplements, vitamin C, and healthy foods. However, there are those who go to extremes and risk their health and that of others. A video has gone viral of a woman licking groceries from a supermarket to "boost" her immune system.

The woman, identified by users as Jodie Meschuk, went to the supermarket with her son (underage), who was in charge of the recording, while the woman licked what was in her way, including a shopping cart, the handle of a refrigerator and a plastic bag.

The short video shows Jodie spreading her germs and being accompanied by phrases to encourage her behavior. "It's not a law", "Oxygen and smiles are life", "Microbes help with digestion" and of course "Germs strengthen the immune system, exposure strengthens the defenses against asthma and allergies" and others.

Both the media and internet users dismissed the action as inappropriate, as he never wears a mask or appears to be aware that a pandemic is sweeping the world. She describes herself as an opponent of vaccinations.

Meschuk shared the video on his Instagram account with more than 17,000 followers in order to minimize the dangers of Covid. Due to the news of outrage, the publication was deleted and the account restricted, but since everything that goes on the internet remains, some have saved it and it is found online.

Karen (Jodie Meschuk) licks groceries from the supermarket to "refute" viruses.

– Karen (@crazykarens) August 8, 2021

According to the Daily Mail, Jodie wrote a book called Austism Reimagined that supposedly explains how to "reverse the diagnosis."

This case reminds us of several that happened in the first wave of the pandemic. For example, the influencer who licked an airport toilet to see "if it was contagious". It got infected.

And you, what do you think of the video?

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