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9 instruments that can assist you develop your social media channels this summer season

10, 2021

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Disclosure: Our goal is to offer products and services that we think you will find interesting and useful. When you buy them, the entrepreneur can receive a small part of the income from the sale from our trading partners.

Social media is an entrepreneur's best friend or worst enemy. It can help your business scale, attract new customers, and build your brand. Or it could drive you crazy, cost a lot of money, and not generate new business. To help you avoid the latter scenario, we've rounded up nine social media tools to make your digital life easier. Plus, they're all available in honor of Father's Day with an additional 20% discount. Just use code WELOVEDAD at the checkout (some exclusions apply).

1. Scopio Authentic Stock Photography

Add some authenticity to your brand's social media with Scopio. Scopio offers more than 300,000 different images captured by more than 13,000 photographers in 150 countries. They change what stock photos can be, giving you standard and advanced licenses to add color and style to your brand's social media story.

Get Scopio Authentic Stock Photography for $ 23.20 (Reg. $ 3,480) with the code WELOVEDAD.

2. VSDC Video Editor Pro

Video marketing is the future of social media. But you don't need a video team to reap the benefits. VSDC Video Editor Pro makes video editing easy for everyone, regardless of experience. You will save a lot of time with a hardware accelerated, nonlinear system that helps users edit multiple files at once and export videos quickly.

Get VSDC Video Editor Pro for $ 23.20 (reg. $ 49) using the code WELOVEDAD.

3. OneLinkBio

Instagram and TikTok restrictions force you to include only a single link in your bio, which makes it difficult to drive traffic to your favorite websites. However, OneLinkBio solves these dilemmas when it comes to linking individual pages. With OneLinkBio, you can create a website to register and add links to, and just paste the url of your custom profile to send people to as many destinations as you want.

Get OneLinkBio for $ 32 (reg .: $ 599) with the code WELOVEDAD.

4. HelloWoofy ™ Social Media Management

You may not fully understand social media, but HelloWoofy does. This AI-powered platform automatically creates social media or blog content, recommends hashtags, suggests appealing emojis based on data science and plans content as individual posts or entire campaigns. It basically has a social media manager on the team, except that it's a robot.

Get HelloWoofy ™ Social Media Management for USD 39.20 (reg. USD 588) with the code WELOVEDAD.

5. Brello Instagram manager

Seamlessly manage your Instagram on your phone with Brello. With powerful tools like caption spacers to make sure your subtitles always look good, a "highlights" icon maker, photo blending tools, and automated hashtag generators, your posts are in good hands.

Get the Brello Instagram Manager for $ 40 (reg. $ 600) with the code WELOVEDAD.

6. RelayThat design app

Create a branded, professional marketing design in a fraction of the time without the need for a designer. RelayThat has more than three million copyrighted images and icons and can automatically create thousands of beautiful designs in any format and size you need for any social platform.

Get the RelayThat Design App for $ 48 (reg. $ 720) with the code WELOVEDAD.

7. Writesonic starter plan

You don't have to hire a copywriter to get great copy. Writesonic is based on OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to give you a true AI SaaS tool that writes Class A copies with ease. Writesonic analyzes your input to automatically create memorable landing pages, ads, product descriptions and more.

Get the Writesonic Starter Plan for $ 56 (reg. $ 5,340) with the code WELOVEDAD.

8. Starchive 1 TB cloud storage

Trusted by Starchive, trusted by Bob Dylan, the New York Philharmonic and Volvo, is the best value-for-money digital asset management (DAM) solution for small businesses. Your business is content powered and you need a safe, accessible place to store all of that content. Starchive gives you 1TB of cloud storage that is 100% private and easy to use.

Get Starchive 1TB of Cloud Storage for $ 77.60 (Reg. $ 1,530) with the code WELOVEDAD.

9. Camtasia 2021 + one year of maintenance

One of the top rated video editing programs in the world, Camtasia has pre-made video templates that make it easy for you to create high quality videos. With Camtasia, you can record your screen, import PowerPoint presentations or add existing video, then easily edit, add effects, and more.

Get Camtasia 2021 for $ 159.20 (Reg. $ 299) with code WELOVEDAD.

Subject to price changes.

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