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75 concepts for companies that you may begin cheaply or free of charge

5, 2019

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Nowadays, many people try to leave everyday life behind for something that feeds their passion. People don't want to retire at the age of 60 (or older) to look back on life and feel like they wasted it.

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Fortunately, it's now getting easier and easier to start a business from scratch without spending a fortune. Below, I've highlighted 75 different business ideas that you can start cheaply from the comfort of your own home. Some of the business ideas listed only require an internet connection, while others require a license level or certain professional skills. You have the choice!

1. Create chatbots

I'm quoted as "ChatBot expert Murray Newlands" on "Where 10 years ago every company needed a website and five years ago every company needed an app, now every company has to use messaging with AI and chatbots." "That brings opportunities and jobs. You can learn to create them for free without coding them for business.

Chatbots are in, and it has reached the point where every business needs one. Chatbots have become a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers, collect data, and improve their marketing and customer care efforts. You can easily and quickly start your own chatbot creation business without the need for any code. I created the free tool, but there are many others. All you have to do is:

Read more about bots and their functions. Create an account. Find out more about the company in need of a chatbot. Create your bot via Start it via Facebook Messenger. No coding or long courses required. The platform is great as it: Works with Facebook Messenger and Comments Trigger Words Can process orders from FacebookIntegrates with all major payment processing platforms

2. Accounting services

Are you good at numbers and want to work from the comfort of your home? You don't have to be a chartered accountant to become a professional accountant, but you do need to be good at numbers. There are many free online billing tools like and online payment tools like Some of the services you might offer include: preparing financial statements, preparing income statements, preparing various monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports

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3. Personal or virtual assistant

Personal and virtual assistant jobs may not sound like glamorous, but they pay off well. If you've done this job in an office before, you'll find that the digital version offers a lot more freedom. Use services like to find customers. You can choose: Your customers Your hours Your hourly, daily or monthly remuneration

4. Marketing Services

Marketing involves a certain amount of background knowledge. However, if you are inexperienced, investing in an online course is not only cheap, but it also gives you the tools to start a solo digital marketing agency that you could expand in the future. Many new marketing fields such as influencer marketing are opening up.

Businesses are always on the lookout for freelancers who are able to provide marketing copies that are SEO friendly and can convert website visitors into leads and ultimately customers. In addition to offering an optimized copy, you can offer to upload the content to their websites and further improve your SEO by:

Meta descriptionsThe right titlesThe right keyword densityTags and categoriesRelevant images with SEO subtitles and alt tags

5. Social media advisor

Who doesn't love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Do you fancy a bit of magic but no formal training? Twitter and Google, among other things, offer complete professional courses with recognized certifications that require little to no money. Social media is also a company with unlimited potential and a customer base that can span all over the world. This trend is unlikely to stall anytime soon, and new platforms are released every year, leaving the possibilities for expansion endless. You can use social media management tools to make your job easier.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is extremely simple and involves earning a commission by promoting other companies' products and services. Basically, you choose a product you like, advertise it, and make a profit on every sale that results from your marketing efforts. An affiliate marketing business is especially easy to start if: You have your own blog or website. You can prove your success with visitor statistics. You have already successfully done affiliate marketing and you can show this to your potential customers

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7. Tester or examiner

Often, individuals or startups look for people to review their products to encourage others to buy. You can either start with a profile on freelance websites or go directly to companies and offer them a review in exchange for a financial reward by becoming an influencer. Even better, if you have your own website or blog, you can write entire posts about their products, asking for more money in the long run and building a portfolio of tangible results to show off to future customers.

8. Secretarial services

Similar to virtual assistance, remote secretarial services require little to no experience. All you need is: Strong organizational skills Good communication skills Good time management A high level of autonomy Your day-to-day duties as a freelance secretary typically include: Booking meetings Organizing calendars Answering emails Compiling presentations Answering phone calls

9. Online Dating Advisor

Do you have a way with words Or did you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right and want to share how you got there? You can become someone's wingman or wife and help them find love by becoming an online dating advisor. This type of counseling comes with a high level of responsibility as you lead someone's love life. Daily duties include: Acting as an account manager on dating sites. Write profiles. Offer telephone updates on their matchmaking status

10. Ebay assistant or seller

An Ebay assistant or seller is similar to a marketing partner. The main difference is that you are not marketing the product, you are selling it directly to the customer. If you sell for others on Ebay or any other platform, you sell the product and keep a commission as compensation.

Unfortunately, this type of work involves risks. Typically, scammers attract Ebay sellers and use fake shipping papers to convince them to send payments. Unfortunately, even if you get scammed, you are responsible for ensuring that your customers don't receive their items. Always remember:

Get to know the dealer. Keep all payments in your e-wallet until the customer confirms that they have received the package. Report suspicious activity. Do not give out any of your bank details

11. Application developer

New applications are launched every day. If you think you have the skills to create your own ideas, and an idea that is unique enough, this is the place to go! Aside from the fact that you will have to invest little to no money to get started, it is far less time consuming than the 9-5 average. When you have your application built, pair it with the right marketing strategy and it will be you Make money while you sleep. The best part about developing applications is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

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12. Website developer

We live in a digital world where every business needs a website to drive their traffic to in order to make sales. If you have the skills, you could enter an industry that will never die. You can also start small by building websites on platforms like WordPress. If you want to take your web building skills to the next level, you can learn the language of website building through There you can find out how you can integrate personalized functions: Shopping cartsProduct pagesGalleriesBlogsServices pagesFeedback forms

13. Internet Security Advisor

Hacking, fraud, and viruses are some of the security threats on the web today. If you know your stuff, you can make very good money advisory firms, especially those that handle sensitive customer information and want to keep it as secure as possible.

14. Graphic designer

Companies are always looking for branding that tells people what they are doing. If you can follow company policies and customer requirements, all you have to do is use a computer and applications like Photoshop or Illustrator. The types of media you are responsible for creating include: LogosFliersNewslettersMagazinesInformation SheetsLettersAdvertisements

15. Desktop Publisher

Desktop publishers typically use publishing software to create: MagazinesBooksMarketing newslettersOther marketing materials

Also, for a full service, you can write the content or hire a content writer and put together your own small team.

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16. Drafting business plans

It's great to have a Eureka moment, but it can be difficult to get this idea down on paper in a way that appeals to a potential investor. If you've owned your own business or earned a degree in business administration, having a Eureka moment can help those people start something they love. Plan your fee based on the different packages you want to offer your customers. You can either: Create an electronic copy that your customer can customize. Keep a copy in the file and customize it as needed. Create different templates to show your customers and how to customize the templates for them

17. Tax Advisor

Businesses big and small pay good money to prepare their taxes for them. It gives them the opportunity to focus on the day-to-day running of their business. If you have the appropriate experience, you can set up as a freelancer. However, when you start out with a tax preparation franchise, you will receive courses, seminars, and training.

18. Blogger or vlogger

Are you an expert in a particular field? If you know how to do something special, from travel, fashion, cooking to home improvement and moving services, why not tell the world through a blog or vlog? All you need is a good quality computer and camera. You can make money by offering advertising space and reviews of products on your platform.

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19. Informational Product Creator

Much like blogging or vlogging, creating information products is your chance to incorporate your expertise into an e-book or digital format and sell it to the online world. Find a niche that hasn't been overdone and start writing. You can sell your information on platforms like Amazon Books.

20. Resume Writer

Regardless of experience, there are very few people who enjoy or are good at writing their own resume. Individuals pay very good money to put their personal statements on paper for them. It doesn't cost you anything to set up and once you get the hang of it you should be able to work out a good hourly or daily wage.

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21. Domain Name Buyer

As the name suggests, all you have to do is buy domain names that you think people will want and sell them for a profit. You need to be able to: Identify profitable domain namesIdentify identical domain names that are unforgettableLearn more about SEO and keyword optimization

22. Turn websites

Turning the pages of a website is the art of buying, improving, and selling an existing website. With the right skills in web development, it's a very easy and cheap trade. However, you need to be able to identify websites with room for improvement.

23. Translator

Translation is one of the easiest and most profitable industries to immerse yourself in if you speak more than one language. Translators on a global scale don't need capital to get started and can earn a salary of at least $ 40,000 per year depending on the size of the company you're hiring and the length of the contract they offer.

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24. Financial advisor

Although the number of people who want to start their own business has increased, many still do not know how to organize themselves financially. First, get your Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificate to show clients that you are credible. However, if you already have the experience, you can advise individuals first and then expand your empire to advise larger organizations.

25. Editorial services

An editorial services business is easy to get started with, does not require an upfront investment, and has great potential for expansion. From small and large businesses to writers and students, your customer base can be endless. They can provide a variety of services, some of which include: CopywritingGhostwritingMagazine Article Writing Newspaper Article WritingWeb Content WritingProofreadingEditingIndexingBook Writing

26. Online photo sales

If you are a professional photographer, or if you just have a deep-rooted passion for it, photo sales websites can make money from your images. All you need to get started is a camera, preferably a digital SLR with at least 8 megapixels, and a computer. Once you've established yourself on sites like and, you can set up your own website with a list of your watermarked images and their unit price.

27. Meal planning

There are many people who love food but don't have the first idea what to buy. Either they are not very confident in the kitchen, they do not know the first thing about a balanced diet, or they have trouble staying on a budget. As a meal planner, you would: Make a list of ingredients. Create recipes for your customers step by step. Explain the nutritional value of meals to educate your customers. Tell them how they can save money by sticking to your meal plans

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28. Patient advocacy

Patient advocacy services are extremely important to communities around the world. On a daily basis you would: Help people track down hospitals for paperwork Collect collected bills for insurance companies Arguing disputes with insurance companies Individuals who need these services are most likely sick or grieving, leaving them fragile and often unable to defend themselves. It is important that they have the right support during this time of their life.

29. E-commerce store

If you have a great product but no money to invest in a physical store, staff, and bills, you can get set up online. Aside from the lack of huge investments in money and time, the marketing opportunities on the internet are endless. While a storefront is great for branding purposes, it limits the size and scope of your audience. When you set up your own ecommerce business, you can: Sell to anyone in the world Have a business that is open 24/7 (meaning you literally make money while you sleep). Just run promotions whenever you want. Cross-sell between your marketing and social media platforms and your website Run marketing campaigns through Google and other platforms

30. Conduct a survey

Although you won't get rich from online surveys, you can make steady income by signing up to multiple websites. It takes little time to complete these surveys and typically costs more than $ 150. Some of the most popular platforms for conducting surveys are: MySurveysInboxDollarsGlobal Test MarketEarningStationHarris Poll

31. Video production

There are a number of ways that you can use videography to build your own home business. There are so many people who want to become YouTube celebrities and don't have the skills to upload high quality, well-edited videos. Other services you could offer include: Vlog Editing, Music Video Creation, Voice-overAdverts

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32. Sustainability Advisor

Businesses of all sizes are trying to find new ways to do their bit for the environment by implementing greener practices. Unfortunately, many of the greener options available today are also significantly more expensive. Hence, business owners need someone like you who can advise them on how to change their process without affecting their bottom line.

33. Call Center Representative

More and more companies are looking for call center representatives willing to work from home on customer care issues. All you need to get started is a computer and a phone line. Aside from the fact that you could make a good base salary, there are no commuting costs and you can save money by cooking your meals at home.

34. Direct sales representative

The term "door-to-door sales" often puts people off because they just imagine banging doors in the face every day. However, if you work in the right fields for companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware, you can have very civilized parties around your home that are great for making money and meeting new people.

35. Travel planning

With all of the booking platforms available online today, anyone can book a vacation from the comfort of their own home. But to compare it with so many different factors can be overwhelming. Some of them are: FlightsCarsHotelsRestaurantsToursActivities

If you have strong organizational skills and the talent to find good business, you can offer these services to others who have less time to spare. Find the offers for your customers and add your surcharge for your services.

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36. Online bespoke tailoring

People are becoming more scrupulous about their appearance and with that comes the need for tailored clothing. One size doesn't fit all, and business people in particular want to see this when they go to the office every day. The custom apparel industry is still relatively untapped, so starting a business offers you significant growth potential in the future. In addition to having the parts delivered straight to your home, you can also customize: FabricPatternsSizeFittingStitchingLining

37. Forex trading

Online forex trading is easier than ever thanks to the multitude of tutorial videos, online courses, and applications that provide step-by-step guides on how to become a forex trader. All you need is: Technical skills Basic analytical skills A small amount of cash flow A phone, tablet, or computer

38. Telemarketing services

More and more companies are outsourcing their marketing efforts, and telemarketing is one of them. As a freelance telemarketer working from home, you'll make appointments with clients and create warm leads for businesses. The amount you charge depends on the size of the company you work for and the project you want to assign.

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39. Remittance services

Are you the person who all of your friends and family call when they are trying to find a good restaurant, lawyer, plumber, or gardener? If that's the case and you love referring them to all of the lovely businesses you know in your neighborhood, you could start a business that does just that. You can work with individuals and companies to help customers find what they want and companies can get more customers. To get started you need to: Compile a list of the companies you want on your recommendation lists. Sell ​​them the benefits of being on your list. Advertise online and in the yellow pages to attract customers

40. Event and project planning

Events and projects can be planned remotely. However, taking a practical approach and offering your services in your region will be more beneficial to you from both a quality control and a financial perspective. You can start this business from the comfort of your home and meet customers in restaurants, cafes or in their office or at home.

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41. Professional photography

Whether it's a wedding, family event, or corporate marketing collateral, people are paying good money for professional photography. If you don't have to sign up for an online course, all you have to do is invest in a camera. Establish your daily fee and remember to factor in your travel expenses.

42. Tutoring

Have you ever worked as a teacher? Do you speak a second language? Have you studied math, science or another subject? In this case, you can teach adults and children as long as you have the right documents for child protection reasons. It costs you very little to set up and you can offer your services to people in the home.

43. Computer trainer

There are a number of seniors who want to learn how to use computers and the internet. So if you master both Mac and PC, you can offer your services in your neighborhood. Be warned, most will not be as passionate about computers as you are, so they just want to learn basics like email and how to use an Internet browser.

44. Property manager

As a property manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your customers' properties run smoothly. You are also the main point of contact for tenants and are responsible for ensuring that the properties you manage are safe and well maintained.

45. House inspector

This job may sound like it's just about looking around people's homes, but it actually requires a high level of expertise. You need to find out about the new products that are constantly appearing in the market and keep abreast of any changing laws. By networking and building positive relationships with your local real estate agents, you have the best chance of success as they will recommend your services to others in your area.

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46. ​​Courier services

You might think "this is what the post office is for" but the reality is that businesses in busy areas often use local courier services because they can offer more flexible pick-up and drop-off times. You can ask for more because of the specific services you offer.

47. Life counseling or mentoring

If you have a proven track record in a particular area, have a proven track record of success, or have been trained in matters of the mind, then life coaching or mentoring might be for you. People, especially soon-to-be entrepreneurs, seek advice from mentoring and life coaches. You can set up your services from the comfort of your home without investing any money.

48. Massage therapist

Approval as a massage therapist depends on where you live. However, if you have a passion for health-related activities, you can take a massage therapy class and set up a clinic from the comfort of your home. Once you have completed your course and obtained your license, you will need to invest in a massage bed, as well as the appropriate oils and massage products.

49. Personal trainer

Fancy a fitness fanatic? Then why not channel this energy into a class that also covers nutrition and the anatomy of the body? This way, you can train beginners from the comfort of your home or your local gym.

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50. Personal cook

As a personal chef, you spend your days cooking for people who don't have the time to do it yourself but have the money to pay someone to do it. If you want to stand out from the crowd, offer meal plans that suit different nutritional needs, such as: For example: gluten-free, lactose-free or egg-free meals, vegan and vegetarian dishes, meals for people with diseases such as celiac disease

51. Cleaning services

Cleaning services are easy to provide and do not require training. You can either: Offer discounted services, provided they have the necessary cleaning products on site. Offer a more expensive service where you bring your own products. Also, you can take your business in different directions by targeting different customers. Options include: cleaning offices or shops in the evening. Cleaning restaurants or private homes during the day. Provision of a morning cleaning service for hotels

52. Dog walker / trainer / groomer

In some areas, dog walking alone can be a very profitable business. Those who work from 9 to 5 either don't have time to walk their dogs before leaving the house or they just prefer to have someone come in to let them move out of the house for some exercise. Dog walkers who offer additional services are also becoming increasingly popular. Also consider: TrainingGroomingDogsitting

53. Packaging services

If you have an eye for the little details, a packaging service could be your calling. When someone moves out of their home, they pay for moving services to move their belongings from their old home to their new one. However, packing all of your belongings in cardboard boxes is extremely time consuming. Why don't you give people the time to do this for them while they're at work or running errands?

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54. Laundry service

If you are looking for a way to make money at home without learning new skills, there is no hassle in offering home laundry services and expanding them in the future. The most complex part of the process is determining if you need a license to start this home based business. This depends on your location and the size you want to grow your empire to. Otherwise, all you need to do is keep an eye on sales, expenses, taxes and general accounting. Determine how much you will be charging. Decide how the payment process will go (e.g. before or after the service is completed, cash or cash) by card, bank transfer, etc.) Create a website and other marketing materials to get your name out there

55. Care

Um eine Pflegekraft zu werden, müssen Sie eine Berufsausbildung absolvieren und verschiedene Zertifizierungen sowie Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsdiplome erwerben. Das heißt, wenn Sie sich in der Vergangenheit um einen Elternteil, ein Geschwister oder einen Freund gekümmert haben und der Meinung sind, dass dies etwas ist, das Sie verfolgen möchten, können Sie dieses Unternehmen kostengünstig gründen. Sie können nicht nur Ihre Kunden auswählen, sondern auch Ihre Arbeitszeiten. Die täglichen Aufgaben als Pflegekraft variieren. Es wird jedoch häufig erwartet, dass Sie: CleanWashDo WäscheVorbereiten von Mahlzeiten Nehmen Sie Ihre Patienten mit nach draußen, um frische Luft zu schnappen

56. Vermieter oder Bed and Breakfast

Sie müssen kein riesiges Gebäude mit mehreren Zimmern besitzen, um Ihr eigenes Bed & Breakfast zu eröffnen. Wenn Sie ein schönes, sauberes Zuhause mit einem Gästezimmer haben, warum nicht dafür werben? Websites wie Airbnb erleichtern es den Menschen, die Gästezimmer in ihren Häusern zu vermieten. Sie können sogar mehr verlangen, indem Sie Folgendes anbieten: Essen und GetränkeStadttourenLokale ErlebnisseHaushaltsservice

Indem Sie Ihren Kunden etwas Einzigartiges anbieten, werden Sie die Erfahrung erfreulich und profitabel finden.

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57. Persönlicher Concierge

Sie denken wahrscheinlich, dass es ein Kinderspiel sein wird, der Concierge der Geschäftsleitung eines großen Unternehmens zu sein. Überlegen Sie es sich zweimal. Obwohl Sie als persönlicher Concierge von jemandem gutes Geld verdienen, ist es eine sehr herausfordernde Aufgabe, bei der von Ihnen erwartet wird, dass Sie das, was von Ihnen verlangt wurde, pünktlich mit einem Lächeln liefern. Das heißt, Sie werden normalerweise sehr gut für Ihre Dienste bezahlt.

58. Lebensmittellieferservice

Große Supermärkte bieten diesen Service an, aber die Lieferpreise sind oft sehr hoch oder das Essen ist warm oder voller Blutergüsse, wenn es beim Kunden zu Hause ankommt. Wenn Sie ein großes Auto besitzen, können Sie zum persönlichen Käufer der Menschen werden. Einige Menschen haben nach einem langen Arbeitstag keine Zeit für Besorgungen, andere haben möglicherweise nicht die physische Kapazität, dies zu tun. Warum also nicht für sie? Sie können diesen Service auch mit anderen koppeln, z. B.: Concierge sein. Reinigungsdienste anbieten. Tägliche oder wöchentliche Hundepflege-, Geh- und Schulungsdienste

59. Rasenpflege und Gartenarbeit

Obwohl Sie Rasen nur für eine begrenzte Zeit des Jahres mähen können, erstrecken sich die Gartenarbeiten über die 12 Monate. Sie können Ihr eigenes Unternehmen mit folgenden Dienstleistungen gründen: RasenmähenGärten, Backen, SchneeräumungHerb-LandwirtschaftHerb-Landwirtschaft kann in den meisten Teilen der Welt als Dienstleistung angeboten werden. Ob Sie sich in einem städtischen oder ländlichen Gebiet befinden, Kräutergärten nehmen nur sehr wenig Platz ein.

60. Babysitting-Service

Babysitting klingt vielleicht nicht nach einem profitablen Markt, aber Sie wären überrascht, wie gut Sie bezahlt werden können, wenn Sie über die richtigen Erfahrungen, Zertifizierungen und Lizenzen verfügen. Obwohl keine formelle Schulung erforderlich ist, können Sie im Notfall alle Verfahren lernen. Es gibt auch eine Reihe von Familien, die Servicearbeiten als: BabysitterNannyTutorAu-Paar anbieten

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61. Kindersicherung

Kindersicherung ist ein Beruf, an den viele heutzutage nicht mehr denken. Aber jede Familie mit einem Neugeborenen oder Kleinkind möchte ihnen ein sicheres Zuhause bieten. Es gibt so viele Bereiche eines Hauses, die gefährlich sein können, von scharfen Ecken bis zu Treppen. Ein Kindersicherungsunternehmen ist sehr billig zu gründen, aber je nach Standort müssen Sie möglicherweise bestimmte staatliche Vorschriften einhalten. Um alle Besonderheiten der Branche zu verstehen, sollten Sie vor der Einrichtung eines Geschäfts ein Praktikum vor Ort absolvieren.

62. Konvertierung digitaler Medien

Haben Sie jemals darüber nachgedacht, was mit all den alten CDs und DVDs passiert, mit denen wir Musik gehört und Filme gesehen haben? Die Antwort lautet oft nichts. Für diejenigen, die gerade erst begonnen haben, das Internet zum Herunterladen, Kaufen und Hören von Musik zu nutzen, sind ihre CDs verschwendet. Wenn Sie wissen, wie man diese Medien auf einen Computer überträgt, könnten Sie dem Tech-Phobiker und denjenigen, die wenig Zeit zur Verfügung haben, einen ernsthaften Gefallen tun. Bieten Sie Ihre Dienste in Foren, sozialen Medien oder Flyern an. Möglicherweise haben Sie sogar langfristig Kunden mit allgemeineren technischen Anforderungen.

63. Persönliche Fahrer- oder Taxidienste

This is an especially easy business to start if you live in an urban area, as many businessmen and women prefer having a driver to go to and from work in order to make calls, schedule meetings, and generally work on the operational aspects of their companies during that time. On the other hand, if you are looking to start a business that is more like a taxi service, why not become an Uber driver? To become an Uber driver, you need:A decent carA clean driving recordA smartphoneTo be 21 years or olderAt least 3 years' driving experienceA background checkSome of the main benefits of being an Uber driver are:You can create your own scheduleYou don't have a real bossYou will benefit from “surge pricing” regularlyYou'll meet new people every day

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64. Hairdressing or Makeup Artist Services

If you have worked in a salon before or just know how to cut hair but do not have the capital to open your own business, you could start one from home. All you need to do is make sure you comply with all your state's requirements for opening a salon in your home. That said, once you've got yourself up and running, you could earn anywhere from $22,500 and up. You could also offer other beauty treatments, such as:Hair coloringHair extensionsManicure and pedicuresMakeupMassages

65. Interior Designer

Both homeowners and business owners look for interior design and home decorating services in order to make the vision for their space come to life. Having a degree or certification will help you understand the different functions of a home or office, but it is not legally required in most places. You will be able to do most of your research from the comforts of your home, but you will need to get to know your client in order to understand how they want to use the space. Consider asking questions like:Is it for adults or children, or both?Does the space need to be pet-friendly?What is the purpose of the room?

66. Tour Guide

Many tourists like visiting new places with a guide. It allows them to ask all the questions they want and get a real local feel of the place they are visiting. If you know your town like the back of your hand, why not charge people for tours? You can create packages that include:Walking toursTaxi services to and from their hotelsBreakfast, lunch, or dinner at a local restaurant

67. Bridal Concierge

The wedding industry is one that will most likely live in perpetuity. This is meant to be a special day for a couple, but often turns into a chore because of all the planning that comes with it. Because it is nearly impossible for brides and grooms to be able to enjoy the planning of their wedding, they often pay professionals to do it for them. If you have strong organizational skills, are communicative, pay attention to the little details, and love weddings, then you could set up shop from the comforts of your home. To get started and build a portfolio, offer your services to a friend or family member. From there, you can start charging other clients.

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68. House and Pet Sitting

People who go away on holiday often worry about whether or not they will come back to an intact home, especially if they have pets. This type of business requires little to no monetary investment. Start by approaching:FriendsFamily membersNeighborsAs your house and petsitting business gets on its feet, think about marketing yourself to your local community by:Designing business cardsLaunching a websiteHanging flyers in your areaAdvertising in the Yellow Pages

69. Senior Home Companion

The minimum life expectancy is becoming later and there are now more than 45 million people in the United States who are 65 years old and up. As people age, they need more help with their day-to-day activities and may also appreciate some companionship.

70. Electronics Repair Services

The 21st century has led the majority of people to own at least one electronic device, if not multiple. Although many insure their products, most still prefer to get a quick fix rather than sending it off for a long time before getting it back. This type of business has room for expansion, and you can offer repairs for:AppliancesComputersCamerasPhonesSpeakers and musical equipmentTelevisionsGaming devices

71. Upholstering Services

If you're good with your hands and have a particular love for sewing, why not train as an upholsterer? There are a number of ways you can learn the upholstering trade, including:A courseBooksYouTube tutorial videosPracticing on old furnitureThere is also significant potential for expansion. Often people who need upholstering services also need their furniture repaired, so why not learn to repair furniture as well? You could also team up with a company who does repairs and add these costs to your customer's final invoice.

72. Auto Repairs

You can start an auto repair shop from the comforts of your home if you have a garage and the right tools. On the other hand, if you don't have the space to open a business from home but do have the tools, you could open a mobile auto repair shop where you travel to the location of the vehicle in need of repair. There is also the option to start your own car wash and detailing shop. You don't need to have any mechanic skills, just a keen eye for detail and a love for getting your hands dirty. This is a very rewarding business that can become extremely profitable with the right promotion.

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73. Bicycle Repair

Although a bicycle repair service can be seasonal, there are opportunities to tap into multiple markets so that you can have an income year round. For cyclists who just use their bikes to go to and from work, offer general repairs and maybe storage facilities during the winter months. If you want to attract cycling fanatics, you can offer year-round repair services. A Saturday shop in the right location is the perfect way to gather a bit of a crowd that will surely spend hours discussing their common passion.

74. Menu Planning Services

The restaurant chef is not the only person that has a say on what goes on the menu. High-end restaurants often find themselves indecisive when it comes to the food they want to serve, especially as seasons change. A menu planning business is a very low-cost idea, but is perfect for those who love to work with food without any direct involvement in preparing or serving it. Many places are willing to hire a consultant to design their seasonal menus, so visit local restaurants and make them aware of your culinary skill set.

75. Home Daycare Services

Firstly, you will definitely need the appropriate licensing and permits to start a home daycare business. That said, if you love children; have worked with them before; and have friends, neighbors, or family who take their young children to nurseries while they are at work, then starting your own home daycare business could be very profitable. When getting licensed, you will need to:Research the requirements according to your state's lawsGet the correct orientationsSubmit your applicationGet your trainingBuy the necessary insuranceHave your home inspected


It may seem daunting to leave your 9-to-5 grind and start your own business, but by doing so, you are giving yourself a newfound level of freedom while doing something that feeds your passion(s). The internet has made it increasingly possible for you to brush up on your skillset or even learn new ones, leaving you with the opportunity to start a business easily and cheaply.

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