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6 Tips about Utilizing Instagram Roles to Develop Your Model

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3, 2020

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Instagram created Reels, a new way to connect with your followers and audiences. But will it help brands grow and stand out in the current chaotic noise on social media?

Reels is Instagram's newest feature, launched as a competitor to TikTok in early August. Instagram users can now create bite-sized videos in which tips, inspiration or a carefree, good mood can be exchanged. Initially, TikTok captured audiences between tween and young adults, but has recently attracted more entrepreneurs who use the platform to act as lead generators for their brand.

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Here's how you can use Reels for a similar purpose and increase both your business and your brand awareness:

Read Instagram's tutorials to create an appearance for your role. Create a storyboard with information you want to share and tips that are specific to your brand. Sharing three tips seems like a simple format that can help when designing your first role. Practice a few times before posting your first role. You can just delete it and try again. When creating your first role, try to use all the features of Instagram Reels: music, font, font style. Note that some Instagram users have reported that the music option is not available. Use the new properties to stand out from others. Of course, when you start creating content on IG Reels, you gain leverage and can share your channel as suggestions for people to watch Reels. Creating tips that are fun and related to your expertise and industry can help you generate interest, develop connectivity, and turn into sales. Take advantage of the longer number of viewers and the engagement of the followers. "My first role just featured a face mask hack where I added buttons to my surgical cap to relieve pressure on the ear loops on KN95 masks," says Shasa Hu, dermatologist and co-founder of MyBiaLife in Miami. She only created two roles, one of which is platelet-rich plasma procedures and another procedure with Covid mask tips. Both roles have already received almost 32,000 views. "While the content was not directly related to cosmetic procedures or skin care, it shared information that could benefit frontline health workers." Improve Your Connection For Followers And Increase Sales. Roles make content reuse easier and followers hear more messages because the content is more fun and engaging. The longer the followers stay connected, the more intense your connectivity becomes, a great way to convert into sales.

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"IG Reels definitely has a semi-steep learning curve, even for tech-savvy users," says Dr. Hu. "For example, it's not entirely clear that you can add text and graphics to different frames within each role. It took me a while to figure out how to add and edit an IG role. Be patient, play with the overlay of Text, graphics and GIFs on your reel and play the reel to see how your changes appear. "

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